College Senior Makes Care Packages From Unused Meal Point

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Video Transcript


MAYA NEPOS: I have a [BLEEP] ton of meal points. And I only have 48 hours to use them. Let's see if I can spend $600 on food in two days. Obviously, you start with treating your best friend to a steak dinner followed by a massive shopping spree. Shout out to my homey Gail at the Village for putting up with us. Yes, I did bring a duffel bag. But that still only got me down to $442. I had to think bigger.

Today, I went back and got way more food. You're probably like, Maya, there's no way you're gonna eat that. And you're right, which is why I added masks and some other supplies to these bags and turned them into care packages for unhoused people in St. Louis. Would you like some food?

- Oh, my gosh. Thank you.

MAYA NEPOS: I have a lot of food. There you go.

- God bless you.

- Thank you.

MAYA NEPOS: Do you want another one? Oh. And this is my new friend Darryl. He's pretty cool. Would you like some food? I did this all afternoon till I ran out of bags. It was super fun. And I met a bunch of cool people. But I still have a lot of meal points to spend. You too. Come back tomorrow to see what happens.

Some schools do it with swipes. My school does it with points. Basically, it's just money. If you have 10 meal points, you can buy something that is $10 at the cafeteria. Like a gift card you can use anywhere on campus but only for food.

As you might know, I've been on a quest to spend all my meal points. Yesterday, I bought a ton of food and made care packages to hand out to unhoused people in St. Louis. The original plan for today was to go back and buy things in bulk and drive it up to the food bank. I don't know what I'm singing to here.

But when I got to campus, the shelves were pretty bare, especially when it came to the things the food bank website said they actually needed. So I decided I would just make more care packages to hand out. And I made the white bags peanut free just in case somebody had an allergy.

I also had a follower reach out to me yesterday asking if I'd be willing to drop off a care package for them and their family 'cause they could really use it. Obviously, I said yes. So I headed over the river to east St. Louis so that I could drop it off for them. Then I headed back to the city and got to handing out more bags. Would you like some food?

- Yes, please. Thank you so much.

MAYA NEPOS: Would you like some food? Even though I made more bags today, I still ran out out. Darryl. But I really wanted to get Darryl something to eat. What would you like for lunch? What do you want for lunch?

DARRYL: Burger and fries.

MAYA NEPOS: Burger and fries?


MAYA NEPOS: I'll be back in 30 minutes.

DARRYL: All right.

MAYA NEPOS: So I headed to Shake Shack to get him a burger and fries.

DARRYL: [? That ?] [? way. ?]

MAYA NEPOS: I know. You switched corners on me, so I had to go around.

DARRYL: Thank you, Maya.

MAYA NEPOS: You're welcome. Have a good day, Darryl. Long story short, I'm out of meal points, and I wanna sleep for a year.