Colin Jost Addresses His Statement About Leaving 'Saturday Night Live' in the "Near Future"

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Photo credit: NBC
Photo credit: NBC

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Colin Jost just hinted that Saturday Night Live may soon have to find a new "Weekend Update" co-anchor.

In the 38-year-old comedian's new memoir, A Very Punchable Face, the SNL co-head writer revealed that he was "preparing mentally to leave" the NBC series "in the near future." Colin has been a writer for the sketch show since 2005.

In the book, Colin writes,"As Lorne [Michaels] says, 'Careers are made by choices.' And this is a choice I need to make. (Lorne also says, 'Don't leave the show,' but I can't listen to everything Lorne says.)"

Colin went on to say that he will miss SNL in a "deeply spiritual way," noting, "it's the thing I've cared most about for the past 15 years."

So, when and why is Colin Jost leaving SNL?

Though Colin called out in his memoir that he chose the vague words "in the near future" on purpose, he later gave The New York Times a slightly more concrete timeline. Talking with the outlet, he said he hoped to continue doing "Weekend Update" with Michael Che at least through the 2020 presidential election.

As for why he's choosing now to walk away, Colin said he wants to start working less "broadly" and more "deeply." Plus, he's "ready to sleep semi-regular hours."

"[I'm ready] to write without the constant swirling pressure of a live show every Saturday night," Colin noted. "Because working at SNL is a drug — it's highly addictive, and if I don't stop soon, I think my mind will be warped in an irrevocable way."

Regardless of what he chooses to pursue next, Colin acknowledges that there's a good chance it "will almost certainly be less fun than SNL."

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