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Get your iced coffee fix the smart way: This cold brew maker is a summer lifesaver, and it's $10 off

The weather has been hot lately. Like, really hot. And lucky me: Our house doesn't have any air-conditioning either, so we've just been sweating it out in shorts with the fan on full blast. What has made things ever so slightly easier, however, is iced drinks to cool us down. One bright spot amid this mid-year inferno has been my discovery of the tres innovative Takeya Deluxe Cold Brew Maker.

Make cold brew coffee and iced tea with ease with this Takeya Cold Brew Coffee Maker.
$38 at Amazon

It makes excellent cold brew coffee — which, as you devoted java junkies out there know, tastes smoother and less bitter than coffee made with the traditional heated-water method. This model makes up to two quarts of cold brew concentrate, which you can then mix with water or milk (or your favorite dairy alternative) to make the perfect iced coffee. Need I add that getting your cold brew on this way is also a lot cheaper than buying it from the store?

Oh, and I'm far from alone in my love for the Takeya Deluxe — over 44,000 people have bestowed five-star raves for it on Amazon. Here's one of them: "This Takeya cold brew coffee jug is wonderful! I know a lot of people use mason jars. However, I wanted something easier to grab from the fridge and more lightweight (and cheaper!). I have used Takeya products before and have been impressed with their durability as well as the easiness of cleaning them. This cold brew jug has only four pieces: the jug, the handle, the lid, and the coffee filter. The filter has an extremely fine mesh and it has not let through even the finest of coffee grounds. It is really easy to clean!"

Cold brew pitcher
This ingenious gadget will have you lapping up the easiest, cheapest and most delicious iced java of your life during these dog days. (Photo: Amazon) (Amazon)

So, wise consumer, how does it work? They continue: "After you have filled up the jug about 85% of the way with filter water, you place the filter (already attached to the lid) into the water-filled jug and screw it on! The coffee will have a great flavor within 8 hours, however, it is most potent by 24 hours and stays fresh up to 72 hours in my opinion. Remember, you are brewing a coffee concentrate, as about 1 cup of grounds are used to brew. Mix with 2 parts water or you will... well, be like me that didn't read the directions and was up until 3am with a caffeine high, LOL. Overall, I am really pleased with this purchase!" Ya think?

Not a coffee drinker? Well, I also love the Takeya for making iced tea. Simply toss in your desired measurement (either loose leaf or bags will work here) pour in some cold water and let it steep for a few hours in the fridge. It is the perfect solution for hot summer days.

Make cold brew coffee and iced tea with ease with this Takeya Cold Brew Coffee Maker.
$38 at Amazon

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