Coco Gauff Decorated Her New Shoes With These Cute Notes—Shop Them Here

coco gauff new balance shoes
Coco Gauff Releases New Balance CG1 ColorwayDesign by Christine Giordano
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Coco Gauff has been a force to be reckoned with during her first four matches of the 2024 Australian Open, and the new CG1 tennis shoes from New Balance that she's sporting on the court are getting almost equal amounts of air time on the court.

During her match this weekend, Coco continued her winning streak by defeating Magdalena Fręchin in the fourth round of the Australian Open, all while sporting her CG1 shoes. The camera zoomed in on the shoes several times, showing little messages she'd written on them.

"I have a lot of things written on my shoes," Coco told reporters post-win, per Sporting News. "One is, 'You can change the world with your racquet'. That is something that my dad has told me since I was a little girl and is an inspiration."

Another scribble showed the coordinates to Pompeii Park, the public tennis courts she grew up playing on. She also wrote the names of her little brothers, Cody and Cameron on the shoes.

Coco said that the words help her keep perspective when the emotions become too much during a match.

Inspired by the lively and historic tennis event in Melbourne, Coco's new shoe embodies a nostalgic yet modern tone with shades of blue, yellow, and red on a sea salt-colored background, all while keeping the 19-year-old's fun and unique style intact. The shoes retail for $170 on and come in standard and wide width options.

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The pro's tennis shoes are made with speedy performance in mind, thanks to the FuelCell midsole that is "meant to deliver a propulsive feel in a player's lateral footwork," according to a New Balance press release. The kicks also feature "Energy Arc technology" that is "designed to increase stored energy to deliver a higher amount of total energy returned," per the press release.

Coco’s first signature shoe, the classic CG1, debuted in July 2022 with two colorways, Pompey and DigiCoco, just ahead of the U.S. Open. The tennis shoe was designed with "90’s inspired silhouette" influenced by basketball shoes, according to New Balance. "The Coco CG1 is a vintage looking shoe with a modern twist," Coco said in a press release announcing the new colorway.

"We’re thrilled to introduce Coco’s signature shoe and are so passionate about what it represents for her and her fans around the world,” Evan Zeder, New Balance Head of Tennis Sports Marketing, said in a press release. “...Coco has always been focused on her play, but also being true to herself and her drive for success goes far beyond the tennis court.”

coco gauff new balance shoes
Coco Gauff wearing her CG1 tennis shoes at the Australian Open.Julian Finney - Getty Images

Coco was very involved throughout the entire design process, Harry Champion, New Balance tennis product manager, told Forbes, and the New Balance team created her new shoes and match outfits to match her vision.

The tennis star also shared that she loved working with the New Balance team on this new colorway in a statement. “The entire team at New Balance from design, to marketing, truly cares about me as a person and not just an athlete and that relationship allowed us to create the Coco CG1,” Coco said. “I signed with New Balance at such a young age, and I am so excited to know that I will continue to work with them for a long time into the future!”

Wishing Coco all the best as she continues on to the quarter finals of the Australian Open, with fresh kicks in tow!

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