Coco Gauff Won the US Open in a Pastel Mismatched Manicure

And made history.

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In case you missed it, Coco Gauff just made history, winning the US Open—one of the most prestigious tennis competitions in the world—at only 19 years old. She's officially the first teenager to win the tournament, and the youngest person to win since Serena Williams in 1999. And, like her predecessor, she made sure to bring her own unique style to the court—down to her nails.

When most hear tennis, they think of all-white athletic outfits like pleated tennis skirts, polos, tank tops, sweatbands, and white sneakers. 

However, to Gauff, tennis style means an orange New Balance tank top, matching headband, maroon skirt, neon green wristbands, and colorful New Balance shoes with hints of orange and neon green. It also means a colorful mismatched manicure.

To face off against competitor Aryna Sabalenka and score the final points needed to secure her title, Gauff had her nails painted mismatched in two colors—pastel pink and pastel green. Her ring fingers had a bright lime shade, and the rest of her fingers had baby pink polish. The manicure was done by Chillhouse's Susana Canchola at an event for Chillhouse x New Balance.

Canchola didn't reveal the exact shades she used, but if you want to emulate your new favorite tennis pro, we have you covered with the step by step for creating her manicure.

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First, like any manicure, you'll need to remove any lingering polish with nail polish remover. Then, once clean, apply cuticle oil to your cuticles to soften them, push them back, and prepare your polish.

Start by cutting and filing your nails to the desired length and shape—natural and short for ultimate tennis agility. Then buff the bed of your nail for an even workspace and apply a base coat and let dry.

Then, go in with two or three coats of your favorite pastel polishes—we like Butter London’s Garden Party Patent Shine 10x Nail Lacquer ($18) or OPI’s The Pass is Always Greener ($12) for green and OPI’s Suzi Shops & Island Hops ($12) or Butter London’s Fruit Machine Patent Shine 10x Nail Lacquer ($18) for pink. Pro tip: pastels are notoriously streaky, so apply a coat of white polish before your colors to make them pop.

Once the color is dry, you will need to go in a super-shiny top coat to seal it all in place, then finish off with a dab of nail oil for the strength and health of your nails. Then, boom, you might just be ready to win the US Open.

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