Cockatoo's Way of Telling Mom She Hates Her New Song Is Priceless

No matter their breed or species, pets can bring so much joy to their owners' lives. Even when they're being a bit harsh, it can be downright entertaining to watch animals come to life with personality. Just take this pet bird, for example!

I was particularly pleased to come across a hilarious TikTok video of Gabby the cockatoo, and not just because of her name! This gorgeous talking bird and I might share the same nickname, but I can't even come close to her level of savagery. She doesn't hesitate to let her human mom, @valeriehopkins86, know what she really thinks of her new music!

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LMAO! Gabby really doesn't hold back when she hears something she's not a fan of. If I'm being honest, though--I think her mama's music is beautiful! It's extra special that she gets to share her love of music with her sweet cockatoo, too, though it sounds like this talking bird is a bit more critical than I am. I'm just glad that Valerie wasn't offended by her feathered friend's comments!

Commenter @chelseynycole is totally on point when she said this is like "if Simon Cowell were a bird." OMG--you're so right! She has the same directness that the British musician does, and she definitely knows what she likes. Maybe Valerie and Gabby have been watching American Idol! Otherwise, we have no clue where this cockatoo's hilarious remarks came from. After all, she must've heard these words somewhere before.

Even if she's not the biggest fan of her mom's new song, we sure hope that Valerie will keep on singing... especially for Gaby! It would be just too funny to see what else she has to say.

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