Cockatoo Has Absolutely Epic Tantrum Over Being Told It's Bedtime

Any parent of a toddler can tell you that on occasion it can be quite the battle getting them to go to bed. Between the pleas of needing to stay up for another bedtime story, or a drink of water, or to ask you a question about dinosaurs, a lot of us have been there, done that, bought the t-shirt.

Well, certain pets can be just as difficult to get to bed, and that's the case with this hysterical Cockatoo named Tango who has many arguments when his dad tells him that it's his bedtime. Watch the following to see what we mean.

The hysterical video was shared by the TikTok account for @tango.the.cockatoo and people can't get enough of this silly bird.

One user posted, "He's a strong independent cockatoo who don’t need no bedtime." Another added, "Cockatoos are so melodramatic.Our severe starts frantically screaming “I LOVE YOU!” Like she’s pleading with us to not throw her out in the cold."

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Someone else said, "I’ve been wanting a bird lately and this was the reality check I needed to see today so like thanks so much for that."

Cockatoos can make fantastic pets for the right owner, but they also come with specific needs and considerations.

Do Cockatoos Make Good Pets?

Cockatoos have a very long lifespan, so these birds require a commitment of around 40-60 years. A typical cockatoo will cost anywhere from $600–$1,500, with rarer types skyrocketing into the thousands.

PETMD also explains, sadly, due to their long lifespans, behavioral issues, and loudness, many cockatoos get re-homed—sometimes multiple times throughout their life. It’s recommended to adopt a cockatoo in need. You can find cockatoo rescue groups in your area.

Like Tango in the video above, cockatoos are known for their loud vocalizations, which can include screaming, arguing, squawking, and mimicking sounds. While some people love their cockatoo's vocalizations, others may find them annoying, especially in an apartment or shared living situation.

They also require large cases with plenty of room to exercise and they need regular vet appointments because they can be prone to respiratory infections.

So while cockatoos can make loving and adorable and amusing pets for the right owner, they require a significant commitment of time, effort, and care. Take their adoption very seriously because we hate to see these gorgeous birds re-homed.

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