Cloudland Elementary students explore career options at “Career on Wheels”

CARTER COUNTY, Tenn. (WJHL) – Cloudland Elementary School hosted its first “Careers on Wheels Day” Friday, giving students a chance to explore future job opportunities.

Ten businesses took part in showing the 273 students what their respective job fields look like.

“We are going around and people are telling us about what they do,” said 6th grader Jordan Rogers.

The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, Mountain Electric Cooperation, Kubota and various first responder agencies participated in the event.

News Channel 11 also took part in the event with Kasey Marler representing the news industry.

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    Photo: WJHL
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    Photo: WJHL

Bonnie Peters, a first-year counselor, brought the program with her to Cloudland in hopes of sparking curiosity in young people.

“We’re hoping later on when they are in high school and they start picking ‘Hey what do I want to do in life,’ they remember some of these things, and that’s a good option for them,” Cloudland Elementary Counselor Bonnie Peters.

Each of the participating businesses answered questions students had about their careers.

“We know what we are going to do when we get older and it won’t be a new thing,” Rogers said. “We will know a little bit about it.”

Teachers were also raised 100 feet in the air by a Mountain Electric bucket truck as part of a demonstration.

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