Clip: Daewon Song helps adaptive athlete conquer her trick, teamwork at its finest

The skateboarding community is something else. Always has been. Always will be.

Roll up to your local skatepark on any given day and you'll be sure to find smiles, laughter, cheering and an unavoidable amount of stoke—and that's exactly what would've happened if you rolled up on this session with Daewon Song and adaptive action sports ripper, Tracie Garacochea.

"Fun picnic today!" wrote Tracie on Instagram. "This was #joy‘s first #railride‼️ Thank you @daewon1song for making sure that rail stayed in place🙏🙏 Our version of #manramp"

On Daewon's post, Tracie commented, "So much joy and love happening at this park 🤗. The skate community is really special." It's hard to deny how much sincerity is felt through those 15 words. The feeling of conquering a trick—whatever the terrain, whatever the difficulty—is a major factor in keeping the flame lit. It's what drives us all to progress, to keep going, to give it everything we possibly have.

Props to Tracie for taking the plunge and conquering this grind! This is seriously gnarly and honestly, seems super terrifying. Everything about this is awesome and I'm feeling pretty inspired, to say the least. No excuses!

Tracie is a major player in the adaptive action sports world and we always love seeing her out and about handling biz! She rips—simple as that. And she continues to inspire us all with her fearless approach to her craft.

This was nothing short of incredible. Teamwork at its finest.

Video / @traciegara

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