Clever Beluga Whale Has Ingenious Way of Getting Lost Toy Back

Animals can get very creative when they want to get to something, and this Beluga whale who lost its ball is no exception. Unilad shared a video on Instagram on Wednesday, March 20th of a very clever Beluga Whale who figured out how to get his ball back after it somehow ended up on the ledge of his tank.

The video starts with the whale looking at the ball. He dunks under water and gets a big mouthful of water and spits it at the ball. He does it again, and afterwards he's able to get the ball close enough to the edge of his tank that he can reach it! He's a genius!

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I was so impressed with Unilad's video of the clever Beluga whale! I was not surprised to see Unilad commenters were not happy that they posted a video of a whale in captivity. One commenter pretty much summed it up for everybody, "Too smart to be trapped in a small watery cage for dumb humans' entertainment."

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Facts About Beautiful Beluga Whales

I don't know anything about Beluga whales other than they are all white, but they aren't born that way. When they are born, they are a greyish color and as they mature, the color fades away. They are fully mature when they are all white.

Many people also know Belugas by the shape of their head, and they can actually change the shape of their forehead by blowing air around its sinuses. The nasal passage is also how they produce the sounds that sound like singing. According to World Wildlife Fund they are known as "sea canaries" because they are one of the most the most vocal of all whales. Another fact that they shared that I thought was pretty cool was that these whales are able to swim backwards.

Fact Animal explained that Belugas are one of the few mammals that molt, "Belugas have been known to rub themselves on rocks and stones to remove their outer layer of skin. This is quite unusual for a mammal, and something we typically associate with snakes or insects. However, it seems to be in response to a change in water conditions. When these whales enter warmer, more brackish waters, they shed a thick layer of skin, decreasing the thickness of their outer layer."

Fact Animal also shared this very cool fact, "Incredibly they can mimic the pattern of human speech, which is several octaves lower than typical whale calls. One captive Beluga copied a get out of the water order divers had been using on an underwater communication system, causing the divers to surface!" Now I need to hear a Beluga 'talk' because I can't imagine what it sounds like!

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