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Cleveland broadcaster goes off on fan after opening day loss: 'You're an idiot and you don't know baseball'

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A note to all you aspiring sports producers out there: Never allow fans to call into a postgame show, especially after their team loses. 

The entire city of Cleveland learned that Thursday, as broadcaster Bruce Drennan blasted a fan following Cleveland's 3-2 loss to the Detroit Tigers on opening day. 

The whole thing started after a fan called into the postgame show to criticize Cleveland's offense. The fan remarks that opposing teams can just walk Jose Ramirez and put pressure on the rest of Cleveland's offense to produce. You can tell Drennan is not happy about the criticism, but things escalate after the fan questions Franmil Reyes' approach at the plate. 

At that point, Drennan can't hold his tongue anymore. He cuts in by saying, "I guess you missed a lot of the games that Reyes hit in the clutch last year." The fan attempts to respond, but Drennan quickly drowns him out by calling the fan "an idiot." 

It all snowballs from there.

Here are some of Drennan's quotes in case you missed them:

• "You're an idiot."
• "You're an idiot and you don't know baseball."
• "You are an idiot."
• "You don't know anything."
• "You don't know squat, you stupid idiot."
• "That proves what an ignoramus you are."
• "Get off our show!"
• "Fair weather idiot."
• "All right, we're going to move on here."

After kicking the caller off the air, Drennan realizes how ridiculous that exchange looked on live television. He attempts to transition to another topic, but lets out a chuckle suggesting he knows that was a bit over the top.

Given that it is — checks calendar — April 1, we reserve the right to hope this was just an elaborate April Fools joke. If so, fine, you got us. If not, don't expect Drennan to handle any more postgame fan calls in the immediate future.

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