It’s Clear That Serayah Is Just as Obsessed With Learning TikTok Dances as We Are

Megan Uy

From Cosmopolitan

Only the REAL ones would know that learning TikTok dances is no joke. You have to be dedicated to learning the choreo—which takes, like, 30 minutes tops to have down—and put in the hours of practice. Believe me, I know. Talk to my Apple Watch about the hours I’ve put into perfecting the Renegade. But if you’re a true Toker, you’d be able to breeze through these seconds-long dances easily. And that’s exactly what Serayah proved to us.

For this edition of TikTok Challenge Challenge, we gave Serayah four pretty major TikTok dances. Like, the ones that are all up in your #FYP feed. We started it off with a hot one right now: the #SavageChallenge, which is The Dance™️ to Megan Thee Stallion’s hit “Savage.” She had absolutely no trouble in getting this one down because she already knew it! Ugh, easy-peasy start for her.

Next up, we gave her another iconic sequence from the app, aka the dance to “Supalonely.” She had a rough start learning it and swiftly putting all the moves together, but when it came to challenge time, she was pretty good!

For her third dance, she had to learn the TikTok choreography to “Over It,” by Johnny G. And can I just say that it was clear Serayah has a knack for those Tok dances because for this one, she pretty much just watched and was able to execute the dance almost flawlessly for its challenge portion. And look, I don’t even have to say that she rocked the fourth dance at this point. It’s a given.

After that TikTok dance performance she pretty much served us, Serayah gifted us with her very own challenge to her latest single, “Mr. Lover.” Have your lighting setup and your makeshift phone tripod at the ready!!

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