Clean Away Grime With 43% Off This Worx Electric Pressure Washer at Amazon

worx 2000 psi electric pressure washer
Worx Electric Pressure Washer is 43% Off at AmazonPopular Mechanics; Worx

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Winter and spring can be harsh on outdoor surfaces and leave behind layers of dirt, grime, and pollen. You can remove this nastiness in minutes and for relatively little money with a pressure washer. Lucky, then, that Amazon is offering this Worx 2,200-PSI Electric Pressure Washer for 45 percent off, taking the price from $259 to $143.

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2,200-PSI Electric Pressure Washer


A pressure washer will save you time, money, and water over cleaning with a regular garden hose. And, as a bonus, these machines are extremely satisfying to use. This electric model from Worx features a 13-amp brushless motor that produces 2,200 pounds per square inch of power, good for cleaning driveways, siding, and decks. For especially filthy jobs, like ones involving layers of mud, there’s an onboard soap tank.

The Worx pressure washer features a metal frame and rugged wheels, making it easier to roll the 47-pound machine around your property. In addition to being durable, the frame features a built-in hose reel and cord wrap to keep everything tidy, and there’s storage for the wand and three nozzles (turbo, 40 degrees, and 25 degrees). The pressure washer also comes with a 1.4-inch universal adapter, making changing nozzles simple. And the 25-foot hose gives you plenty of length to move around tables, planters, and other obstacles.

Though we haven’t tested it yet, this Worx is promising enough to earn a spot on our list of the best pressure washers. As we wrote there, “its predecessor (Worx GG60, discontinued and replaced with this model) did very well” in our testing, “racking up points for light weight, ease of use and a reasonably high effectiveness for such a small machine.” The fact that this one is available for 43 percent off makes it an excellent purchase.

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