These Claw Clips Keep My Super Thick Hair in Place All Day–and They’re Only $9

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Say goodbye to broken springs and loose locks in your face!



If you have thick, curly hair like I do, it can be tough to find hair clips that can contain it all. And when you’re on-the-go but still want your hair to look good later, a claw clip is gentler on your strands than hair ties that’ll put dents or tangles in your hair.

With one of these clips from Amazon, I can confirm firsthand that an easy, breezy claw clip hairstyle is within reach for many hair types.

<p>Courtesy of Amazon</p>

Courtesy of Amazon

To buy: $9 (was $19);

With over 25,000 5-star reviews, there are a lot of other thick-maned people who agree that the clips are great. Thanks to their jumbo size and interior teeth that help hold your hair in place, these hair accessories really keep a firm grip on your locks for hours at a time (one Amazon reviewer compared them to the jaws of life, if that’s any indication). The clips come in a matte finish in various colors, from natural hair shades to pink, blue, and yellow. And they’re over 50% off right now, so you can get a pack of four for just $9.

However, these aren’t limited to longer, thicker hair types. I’ve let friends borrow my clips who had thick, short hair and long, thin hair and their updo also stayed put for hours. And another Amazon reviewer said, “...they have officially become my go-to as they're the only clips that can both corral my extra-fine, super-thin and thus easily breakable hair without either slipping through the sleek locks or grabbing so tight it breaks them.”

The one downside to these clips is they’re rigid, which is great for keeping your hair secure, but not so comfortable when driving, leaning back against the couch, or lying down as the teeth can dig into your scalp. If you’re someone who likes to lean their head back on a headrest or couch cushion, you might have to take the clip out to do so comfortably.

For all-day hold at only $2 each, these claw clips are worth trying out, especially with hot summer weather (and sweaty skin) quickly approaching.

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