Clare Crawley Is Probably Engaged to Dale Moss So Let’s Get to Know the Dude Better, Shall We?

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From Cosmopolitan

In case you somehow missed the literal months of rumors and speculation, Clare Crawley reportedly quit The Bachelorette (er, though she might have been low-key fired) after just 12 days due to getting engaged to contestant Dale Moss—and you’re about to see why.

These two are so in love that production sources claim Clare refused to leave her hotel room to hang with the other guys during filming, leading ABC to re-cast the show with Tayshia Adams. In other words, everyone worried that Clare’s season would be boring is in for a nice surprise because it’s truly the most dramatic season ever. Although, honestly, we shouldn’t be surprised because to quote Clare:

Photo credit: Giphy
Photo credit: Giphy

Dale must be an amazing man if Clare is willing to break what I can only assume is a very scary contract with ABC, so check out what we know about him thus far!

He’s Already Famous

Like, has his own Wikipedia page famous. This is because Dale happens to be a NFL player who’s been signed with the Chicago Bears and the Green Bay Packers, it’s super casual! And while Dale no longer plays professionally, what he’s doing now is even more impressive...

Friends, He’s Literally a Wonderful Human

According to Forbes, Dale recently partnered with The Lonely Entrepreneur to “ensure women, minorities, former athletes and the less fortunate are empowered with the entrepreneurial skills they’ll need to be successful in today’s competitive business world.”

Oh, and he’s also a global ambassador for the Special Olympics. I it any wonder Clare risked it all?

Photo credit: Monica Schipper - Getty Images
Photo credit: Monica Schipper - Getty Images

He’s Most Influenced by the Women in His Life

Forbes says that empowering women is super close to Dale’s heart, and he told the brand that his sisters and mom have had an enormous impact on him. DIRECT QUOTE:

“To this day, my sisters and my mother have shaped me into the man I am. I’ve always had strong, powerful women in my life and they’ve helped me in every aspect. They’re part of my team, my core and that’s definitely what keeps me grounded.”

Speaking of Dale's siblings, his sister had his back when rumors about pre-Bachelorette contact between him and Clare took over the internet, saying "My brother was EXTREMELY adamant about the rules, contracts, and privacy. He had EVERYTHING to lose and NOTHING to gain by communicating beforehand."

He Uses His Platform in the Best Way

Dale’s Instagram is public once again after being private during filming, and he's been using it to speak openly about his experiences with racism, as well as what this difficult year has been like for him. Take a minute to read what he has to say in the posts below:

He's a Model and Creative Director

Dale models and collaborates with brands as an influencer, and according to his website, he also executive produces and provides creative direction to companies like Under Armour, Hugo Boss, Express, and United Airlines.

Oh, and he also hosts a podcast called The Game Plan and did some hosting for PopStyle TV.

He Previously Dated Seema Sadekar

According to Life & Style (who broke the news Clare was leaving The Bachelorette), Dale dated pro golfer Seema Sadekar for several years before she “broke off [their] relationship.” There aren't any dramatic details to relay, but apparently they were "deeply in love" and their families were close.

Photo credit: Getty Images
Photo credit: Getty Images

He Got Clare’s First-Impression Rose

Reality Steve confirmed this news ages ago, and honestly, it makes sense given what we now know!

Good News, ABC Hasn’t Gotten to His YouTube Channel

While some of of Dale’s social media was briefly set to private thanks to his stint on The Bachelorette, his YouTube channel was never shut down—giving fans a chance to watch a video of his typical day in NYC.

Honestly, can’t wait for Clare/Tayshia’s season, this is truly the content I crave.

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