Clam-O-Naise, a New Clam-flavored Mayonnaise, Has Free Prizes Hidden Inside

The world's only tangy, garlicky mayonnaise made with real clams!
The world's only tangy, garlicky mayonnaise made with real clams!

Cards Against Humanity

Since its Kickstarter launch in 2010, Cards Against Humanity has grown into a nearly unavoidable phenomenon. The easiest way to describe the fill-in-the-blank card game is as an adult-humor spin on Apples to Apples, which shares a similar play mechanic. And over the years, Cards Against Humanity has continued to double-down on that humor angle with oddball promotional stunts including accepting donations to dig a hole in the ground for no reason and selling boxes of literally bull poop.

This week, Cards Against Humanity has embarked on its latest headline-grabbing side-hustle, and it's a shocking non-sequitur: They're selling a clam-flavored mayonnaise called Clam-O-Naise.

Launched exclusively at Target for $9.99, Clam-O-Naise is billed as "the world's only tangy, garlicky mayonnaise made with real clams!"  In a tweet, the brand further explained, "We worked with a team of chefs and food scientists to bring you an actually-delicious mayo made with real clams. Inspired by the classic dish Clams Casino — with notes of garlic, bacon, and white wine — it's like 'hitting the jackpot' inside your mouth!"

Even if clam mayo sounds off-putting to you, diehard Cards Against Humanity fans may want to pick up a jar anyway. Each one contains the game's all-new Clam Pack along with "a free mystery prize submerged deep inside the mayonnaise." The company continues, "We actually hid a unique prize and a pack of 30 all-new Cards Against Humanity cards inside every jar. Customers can win real pearls, Clam-O-Naise merch, clam-themed vacations, or even a one-of-a-kind Toyota Clamry — and much more."

For the record, the whole thing appears to stem from an equally odd prank Cards Against Humanity attempted to pull last November where they used a photo of a fake Hellmann's Clam-O-Naise jar to try to launch a Twitter campaign convincing the mayo brand to bring back a product that never existed. Apparently, Cards Against Humanity felt the joke got enough traction that the idea was worth revisiting.

And yet, as bizarre as the whole thing sounds, it appears to be resonating with fans. Cards Against Humanity tells us that, despite launching on Tuesday, Target is already low on stock at many locations and online. A Cards Against Humanity rep says, "We're working to get Clam-O-Naise back on shelves and online in the next couple of days."

In the meantime, Cards Against Humanity says fans can head over to to purchase a wide range of Clam-O-Naise merch. It includes the likes of hoodies, hats, a "Don't talk to me before I've had my Clam-O-Naise" coffee mug, and Clammy Dick: A Novel by Herman Clamville — a 312-page book where they "modified the full text of Moby Dick to be 100-percent about clams and mayonnaise."

Uh, is it just me or do these people have way too much time on their hands? Maybe trying taking a break to play a card game.