‘Claim to Fame’ Fans Are Stunned That Contestants Can’t Figure Out Chris’ Relative

‘Claim to Fame’ Fans Are Stunned That Contestants Can’t Figure Out Chris’ Relative

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Claim to Fame is wrapping up season 2 on August 28, and there are just a few left standing to potentially win the entire competition. But as the weeks go on, fans continue to be shocked at the contestants' inability to guess the relative of one lucrative competitor.

In a post uploaded to Instagram on August 23, the ABC series' showcased a photo featuring Chris, Gabriel, Karsyn and Monay. As the four are likely looking at hosts Kevin and Frankie Jonas off-camera, the accompanying caption asks fans who they think could be the one to take the winning title at the end of the season. "Comment who you think our #ClaimtoFame winner will be!!! 🥇."

While fans couldn't stop raving about the show in the comments, some had to voice their opinions on something they've noticed about one contestant throughout the season. As each episode delivered different clues about Chris' famous family member, some people were shocked that his fellow cast mates couldn't figure out that he is the son of Hollywood legend Donny Osmond.

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"I don't know who I want to win but I don't understand how no one knows who Chris' celebrity relative is he literally looks just like him!" one person wrote on Instagram. "I know right??!!.. as soon as I saw him on the first episode I knew exactly who he’s related to," another replied to the comment. "I can't believe nobody guessed Donny Osmond's son. I mean they're practically twins," another added.

While it's clear Chris' co-stars aren't familiar with Donny, the clues dropped over the course of the season easily mapped out the connection between father and son.

Among the different hints given were his family member was from Utah (Donny was born there), his uncle has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (Donny was famously a member of The Osmonds musical group in the early 1970s and received the recognition) and that his family member won Dancing With the Stars season 9 (which Donny won with dance partner Kym Herjavec).

What's more, if folks ventured over to Donny's Instagram, he posted a picture of one of his kids, promoting the single for his son named Chris.

I heard a great new song the other day and I wanted to share it with all of you," he wrote on June 22. "It's called 'Side Effects.' The artist sounded really familiar to me. I did a search on Spotify and I realized why his voice sounded familiar. It's my son, Chris. 😉 I love it. Check it out and tell all your friends about it."

If this doesn't show the uncanny resemblance, then we don't know what does! But come the season 2 finale, we'll finally get the answer we're all expecting...

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