These Are The Cities With The Most (& Least) Airbnbs

Nick Levine

Though Airbnb only launched around 11 years ago, it’s hard to imagine a travel landscape without it. According to the latest figures, there are now more than four million Airbnb properties worldwide, including a select few that you might recognise from your favourite films and TV shows.

Airbnb even says that it has more than 14,000 tiny houses, more than 4,000 castles and more than 2,400 tree houses on its books.

But of course, some cities have a better selection of Airbnb properties than others. With nearly 60,000 properties listed, London can officially lay claim to being the world’s Airbnb capital, new research by photo-printing service Inkifi has found.

In fact, London around 25,000 more Airbnb properties than New York, an equally global city with a similar population of around 8 million people. Paris, the city with the second highest number of Airbnb properties, also has around 25,000 fewer than London.

Edinburgh is the British city with the second highest number of Airbnbs, just under 8,200, which puts the Scottish capital 59th on the global list. With a little more than 5,800 Airnbs, Dublin places 80th.

Check out the 10 cities with the highest number of Airbnbs below.

1. London, UK – 59,378

2. Paris, France – 34,395

3. New York City, US – 34,187

4. Shanghai, China – 30,250

5. Beijing, China – 26,750

6. Rome, Italy – 26,584

7. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – 26,399

8. Chengdu, China – 23,032

9. Sydney, Australia – 22,604

10. Melbourne, Australia – 19,955

At the other end of the spectrum, relatively popular destinations including Luxembourg (505 properties), Valletta in Malta (435), Kolkata in India (441), Bern in Switzerland (371) and Durban in South Africa (256) rank among the cities with the fewest number of Airnbs. You can check out the full list compiled by Inkifi here.

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