Cinnamon Swirl Hair Color by Ryan Pearl


Move over chocolate chip cookie hair, cinnamon swirl hair color is the next big trend. Ryan Pearl of New York City’s Cutler Salon gave us the inside scoop behind his newest hair color creation, and our jaws are dropping.

With warm honey tones and nutmeg cinnamon inspired pieces, this rooty golden blonde is achieved much faster than your typical ombre hairstyle. “The color was done in a normal single process and I hand painted brighter bits in foil to give it a multidimensional look,” says Ryan.

What we love about this hair color? She falls somewhere between brunette and blonde, with rich tones that bring our her complexion and hand painted pieces that contour her face.

Ryan suggests telling your colorist to use 2 different glazes give this look reflection and different tones of blonde- think the color of cinnamon mixed into your favorite latte. Ryan says this color is not for the timid. The darker root and brighter tones throughout make it a more daring alternative to your traditional hair color.

Now if only it smelled like cinnamon too.