Cindy Crawford Poses In Bed Wearing Black Lingerie And Proves She’s Aging Like Fine Wine

Cindy Crawford just proved yet again that she’s an eternal style icon in a sultry new photoshoot for Haute Living. The supermodel, 56, flaunted her toned figure in a series of curve-hugging, risqué looks, with our favorite being the all-black lingerie ensemble for the publication’s latest cover. While sitting down with the outlet, Crawford discussed aging gracefully, her journey from modeling to becoming an entrepreneur, her love for the Burning Man festival, and more.



Cindy Crawford’s Sultry Dior Lingerie Shoot

For the cover image, Crawford posed on a bed while rocking a button-down, long-sleeved black top, a lace-trim, matching bra underneath, and a long black sheer shirt, all from Dior. Crawford accessorized her look with a shiny gold watch, and wore her long caramel-colored tresses down, parted to the side, and styled into effortlessly elegant waves.

As for makeup, the television personality went for a subtle smokey eye with smudgy black liner, mascara, and rosy blush along her high cheekbones. She topped it all off with a touch of highlighter on her glowing skin and a glossy nude lip while showing that her modeling skills are only getting better and better. Crawford shared several stunning and smoldering shots from the photoshoot with her 7 million followers, and naturally, they couldn’t get enough.

“Timeless beauty, still can turn heads,” one fan wrote under one of Crawford’s posts with a heart-eye emoji as another quoted Tina Turner’s hit “The Best” while complimenting Crawford, commenting, “Simply the best—better than all the rest. And she always will be!” Another dubbed Crawford’s black lingerie look to be their “favorite” from the shoot as others conveyed their thoughts with heart and fire emojis.


Crawford Opens Up About Healthy Aging

It’s no secret that Crawford looks incredible at 56, and luckily for readers, the model discussed this with Haute Living, noting that it’s not her goal to look completely “ageless,” but rather, to emphasize her best features while also embracing fine lines, wrinkles and other natural effects of healthy aging.

“I know all the ways that I’ve aged,” Crawford said, adding, “My face has gotten much thinner; my mouth isn’t as full. Being told I’m ageless isn’t right, especially because getting older is hard enough, never mind that we live in a youth-obsessed culture.” She added that the “things I’m trying to make Meaningful Beauty [her beauty line] about for other women are the things that I have to remind myself about, too.” Crawford proudly went on, “I’m not 25, so why should I be trying to look 25? Why do I want someone to mistake me for a 25-year-old? I’ve had children. I have all this life experience.”


Crawford also recalled feeling the pressure to remain looking young at the beginning of her career, and how she realized that promoting graceful aging helped her not only feel more confident in recent years, but also to bond with and inspire other women. “When I started modeling, I said, ‘What am I going to do after I turn 25?’ There wasn’t someone who had a career like me before that I could follow or look up to,” she remembered.

“And then, all of a sudden, I was still modeling at 26, 27, 30, 35, 40, and now, 56. There was no way I thought I would still be quote unquote ‘modeling’ to this day. And even though I’m not in front of the camera nearly as much as I used to be — nor do I want to be — any time I get my picture taken, even if it’s just on an iPhone, I’m striking a pose. You can’t unlearn that.”

Crawford added, “So I’ve learned to embrace the different stages. I’m not 56 trying to do the same jobs that I did when I was 25 and 30. I’ve evolved, and the businesses that I have have evolved, too. I think that’s why I’ve had such career longevity, and why my audience will follow me — because it feels authentic and it is authentic.”