Cinco de Mayo may be a little different this year, but don't let that stop you from celebrating right.

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Cinco de Mayo is going to be a little bit different this year, namely because enjoy a round (or five) of margaritas with pals in the flesh is ill-advised. But what's stopping you from virtually celebrating with friends at home? Especially considering how easy it is to stock up on the proper provisions from a number of popular same-day booze delivery services.

If you're running low on margarita essentials on account of the fact that you've been drinking a bit (okay, a lot) more lately, fret not. You can easily refresh your booze supply without leaving your house courtesy of liquor delivery services like Drizly, Minibar, and Saucey. Even better? Each one of these services will give you a $5 discount on your first order. In other words, if you've never used one of these services to get liquor, wine, or beer delivered before, you can get a cool $5 off as a first-time customer. 

Although marg recipes come in all varieties, and the one you follow is entirely up to you, odds are the core ingredients will involve either tequila or mezcal, and a sweet, citrusy liquor like triple sec or Cointreau. And while delivery availability varies depending on location and service, you'll easily find what you're looking for if you live in or around a large U.S. city from one of these sites.

Head to Minibar, Saucey, or Drizly to stock up and get $5 off your order as a first-time customer. And if you're looking for some tasty pairings, scope out this big list of Cinco de Mayo food deals available for pick-up and delivery.