The CIA's Formerly Classified Info on UFOs Can Now Be Downloaded

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CIA documents on UFOs
CIA documents on UFOs

If there was ever a good time to both promote the idea that aliens and UFOs exist, and bury that truth in an avalanche of pandemic and election brouhaha, that would be right now.

As noted by Science Alert, the website The Black Vault — the self-proclaimed “largest privately run online repository of declassified government documents anywhere in the world” — has been pressuring the CIA since 1996 to release all the information they have on unidentified flying objects. Their efforts seem to have paid off. That site has now taken everything they’ve received from the intelligence agency (via a CD-ROM) and placed it in a searchable database.

Part of this information release on UFOs may stem from a random stipulation in a COVID-19 relief bill from late last year. But a lot of this information came about because of the Black Vault’s efforts.

“The Black Vault has filed 10,000 FOIA [Freedom of Information Act] requests TOTAL to amass the 2.2 MILLION pages in this entire archive,” Black Vault founder John Greenewald Jr. notes.

If you want to download the searchable files, you can try it out here. Do note that “many of these documents are poorly photocopied, so the computer can only ‘see’ so much to convert for searching.”

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