Chuck Norris rep slams Chuck Norris lookalike at Capitol riot: "Chuck is much more handsome"

Dan Caffrey
·1 min read

There were a handful of entertainers at last week’s tragic storming of the United States Capitol, but for every Ariel Pink there seems to be a dastardly imposter or doppelganger. No, that was not the guy from Jamiroquai in the horned headdress, and how dare you.

The latest victim of celebrity impersonation is none other than Chuck Norris. While the dropkicking skills and questionable morality of Texas Ranger Sgt. Cordell Walker would have no doubt benefitted the ghouls who descended upon Washington, D.C., it turns out the guy in the below photo was nothing more than a no-name lookalike.

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Norris representative Eric Kritzer confirmed as much in a statement to the Associated Press, explaining that Norris was in Texas with his family during the riots and, more importantly, “Chuck is much more handsome.” Norris himself—still somehow unverified on Twitter—took to social media to condemn the violence at the Capitol, although it’s worth noting that he has supported Donald Trump in the past—and that’s to say nothing of his very public homophobia.

Read Norris’ Twitter statement below, and judge for yourself who is truly the handsomest man.

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