How Christopher Reeve's Son Will Feels About Being Compared to His Late Father

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Will, Christopher and Dana Reeve

Christopher Reeve's youngest son Will doesn't mind being compared to his late father.

The 31-year-old, an ABC News correspondent, shared with People how he feels about many pointing out how much he looks like the Superman star.

"I think that if the public might find a little interest in, 'Oh, he looks like his famous dad,' that's great," he said. "That means they're talking about my family in a positive light and remembering our dad and our mom and our family in a way that honors them."

Will continued, "I always take that as a compliment. I think that I had two beautiful parents, inside and out, and if I bear any resemblance to them physically, or temperamentally, or in my values, then I take that as a compliment every day."

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Reeve passed away on Oct. 10, 2004, from heart failure at 52, nine years after becoming paralyzed due to an equestrian accident. His cardiac arrest occurred after battling an ulcer infection that turned to sepsis. He received an antibiotic for the infection but went into cardiac arrest while attending Will's hockey game.

Besides Will, Christopher was also father to Matthew, 43, and Alexandra, 39.

Last month, Will made a public appearance with his girlfriend Amanda Dubin while attending Glenn Close's Bring Change to Mind's Revels & Revelations event at City Winery. During the ceremony, Ryan Reynolds was honored with the Robin Williams Legacy of Laughter Award. The late comedian was one of Christopher's closest friends.

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