Christina Milian Is Keeping Her Family’s Holiday Traditions Going in 2020, Despite COVID-19

Christy Piña
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From Woman's Day

Christmas is quickly approaching, and Christina Milian is determined to make the most of the holiday season despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. "Thanksgiving is gonna be a little different because I'm away, so I'm not gonna get to celebrate it back home, but I do have my mom, and my sisters, and the baby here," Milian tells Woman's Day. "But it is going to be my baby's first year of the holiday, of Christmas, so I want him to experience the Christmas lights."

Every year, Milian and her family drive through different neighborhoods in Southern California, where she lives, that house some of the most breathtaking Christmas decorations, hot chocolate, beignets, and even fun light-up toys for the kids. "We usually drive down Candy Cane Lane and go look at every single house," she says.

Driving through neighborhoods surrounding Los Angeles to see Christmas lights has been a long-standing tradition for her family — one Milian, of course, wants to share with her baby boy, Isaiah, even if he's too young to fully appreciate the experience. In addition to seeing the lights, the actress and singer is also trying to figure out a way to take Isaiah's first picture with Santa Claus. "I'm gonna fit that in somehow," she adds, laughing.

Though the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has yet to release its Christmas guidelines, the agency continues to insist that indoor gatherings, like visiting Santa Claus, pose a greater risk than outdoor gatherings. The more people there are in one location, the riskier it is as well. The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center has created some guidelines for visiting Santa, like not sitting on Santa's lap, ensuring everyone's wearing masks, and placing barriers that keep distance between employees and attendees. Ultimately, however, the medical center urges people to consider virtual visits this year, instead of in-person ones.

Another Milian family tradition is the annual potluck, when the family comes together to celebrate, tell stories, listen to music, and just enjoy each other's company. "I don't know whose house we're going to be at this year, but successfully I've done it the last year or two," she says. "But again, this is a holiday in a different circumstance, so let's see what happens. We're gonna figure it out." This year, Milian adds, she and her family may have to have multiple Christmas lunches and dinners, instead of one big meal together.

"With this holiday season, I think a lot of people and a lot of families are just looking for that holiday cheer," Milian says. "Right now, we're building Christmas trees; we're lighting up our houses; we're getting ready to get hot cocoa and drive around the neighborhoods and look at Christmas lights."

Bus since the holidays will undoubtedly look different this year, families are likely going to be spending more time in their cars than they usually do. That's why she decided to partner up with Kelley Blue Book and Autotrader, giving travelers a chance to win limited-edition ugly sweater-inspired face masks and matching steering wheel covers. "[The mask is] super cute, and it lights up. It changes colors, depending on how fun and tacky you want to be," Milian says. "You're kind of a walking Christmas tree or a driving Christmas tree."

Anyone can enter the giveaway at Holiday in Drive, she explains, and the site also features tips for winter road trips and holiday shopping. "I'm teaming up with them to not only to remind everybody how to keep the holiday alive in a lot of fun ways, but also to bring this really fun giveaway with the ugly sweater-themed light-up masks and steering wheel cover," she says. "I just like to make people smile, and well obviously, they're helping me provide that."

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