Christie Brinkley’s festive holiday drinks

Supermodel, author and entrepreneur Christie Brinkley brings excitement to planning Thanksgiving. “I love cooking in a group, getting everyone in the kitchen,” she says. “It’s all about making the people around you happy in very simple ways.” For her, one of those ways involves serving the exact right cocktails at each phase of the dinner.

Chrisite offers 3 easy drink recipes perfectly fitting for each course at her Thanksgiving gathering. First before dinner, an apple cider mimosa that she makes with her own Bellissima Prosecco and fresh apple cider, for dinner time she offers a delicate Elderflower gin cocktail, and for dessert a classic irish coffee with a fresh cinnamon stick garnish.

Christie says although this holiday may look different than ones in the past, it's no reason not to look for opportunities to make the holiday feel special, no matter how short the guest list.

Video Transcript

CHRISTIE BRINKLEY: Hi, everybody. I'm Christie Brinkley, and I'm so excited because we're getting into the holiday season. So I wanted to share a few of my cocktail tips that may become a family tradition for your family.

We gather in the kitchen. The kitchen is our part of our home. I've got my daughter Sailor cooking over here.

Now on Thanksgiving when you've got so much going on with stuff in the oven and stuff on the stove, you want your cocktails to be easy. So that's what I'm going to show you, a really easy but tasty cocktail.

Just rub your apple up here. Get it a little bit juicy. Dip it in your brown sugar. Dip it in the cinnamon. Dip it in the brown sugar again. And take your fresh apple cider, pour it in there about 2/3 of the way up. And then take your delicious Prosecco and pour it in there.

Just to make it look even more Thanksgivingy, go ahead and stick the Apple on the side. And look at that. It was so easy, but they don't have to know that. Cheers.

This one's an elderflower gin, and it is, mm, delicious. I'm going to actually put it in a shaker with a little bit of ice just to get it really nice and cold.

I'm going to do the big side of the fresh grapefruit in here, the gin, the elderflower. Shake, shake, shake.

Now you have successfully had your pecan pie, your pumpkin pie, your apple pie, but you still have a little space. So we're going to make a little cup of coffee, but we're going to chop it with a little bit of Bailey's Irish cream. You can serve it on ice, or you could do it nice and cozy and warm to sit by the fire and talk about what a memorable Thanksgiving this has been.