Christie Brinkley Goes Vintage in New ’80s Swimsuit Beach Pics

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Christie Brinkley Rocks Vintage ’80s SwimsuitTaylor Hill - Getty Images
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Christie Brinkley’s recent 69th birthday stirred up some reflections for the former supermodel, as the occasion would for anyone. In the time since, she’s shared some musings about aging and the passing of time on Instagram. In her latest post, she looked incredibly toned in an ’80s swimsuit on the beach near her home in Turks and Caicos, captioning the photos with even more thoughts on aging.

In the shot, she leaned against her bicycle, turquoise waves crashing in behind her. She wore a navy one-piece bathing suit, a straw hat, green flip-flops, and a smile. “My bathing suit is from the ’80s and in the blink of an eye, a decade can pass and I’ll be pushing 80 …because time flies when you’re having fun and I am ‘WHEELY’ having a great time! 🤣,” she joked in the caption. “I just had my 69th birthday on Feb 2, and it literally feels like yesterday that I was celebrating my Big Five Oh!”

In various birthday posts, Brinkley intentionally encouraged followers to make time for fun and joy in their lives. “Joy is good for your health your heart and your soul so schedule it in, squeeze it in, grab it at every opportunity, create it!” she wrote. “Whatever your age …You will be happy you did! 😘”

Fans loved the photo and Brinkley’s message. “You’ve still got it, proving that us older gals can and will do this!” one person commented. “Yes! I just turned 70 and wish everyone knew how fast life passes and to enjoy every minute,” another added. “Beautifully said! You are fantastic inside and out 🙌❤️🙌❤️,” someone else wrote.

To celebrate her birthday, Brinkley shared laughs and cake with friends and family, which she also shared on Instagram. And her cake, ushered in by friend Jill Rappaport, was the star of the show. Printed with two photos of Brinkley taken 50 years apart, in red icing, it read: “Happy Birthday Christie You Ageless B*tch.”

“🎼It was a very Happy Birthday 🎶🎵! I Loved every minute if it and gobbled it all up along with my hilarious birthday cake,” Brinkley captioned photos of the evening.

In another post, the Timeless Beauty author shared her gratitude for aging in a time when “we can influence those number[s] like never before” with the help of modern medicine, advancing research on diet and nutrition, and of course, innovative beauty products like her trusty SBLA Beauty wands, which you can shop below.

“Those days of hiding our age are over!” she wrote. “Im 69 and I feel GRATEFUL! I’ve learned that gratitude, health, and love are the keys to happiness! I have survived a lot, and what didn’t kill me, did indeed make me stronger, wiser, and I truly look at each day as a gift to celebrate!”

Brinkley is 69 and proud—a refreshing perspective that we’ll truly never get enough of. Happy birthday, Christie!

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