Christian Kirk

Fearless Forecast Week 6: 6 Rec, 87 Rec Yds, TD Projected Points: 17.7

Video Transcript


MATT HARMON: Christian Kirk-- they actually got something out of Christian Kirk in week 5. Made a couple of plays, went over 70 yards, and hey, I think you could chase that performance, because you know who the Cardinals are playing week 6? They're playing the Dallas Cowboys. Everybody gets going against the Dallas Cowboys.

So if you're absolutely desperate, you need someone at your wide receiver 3 spot-- and I know everybody is hurting right now. There's injuries. There's surprising bye weeks popping up. This has been a crazy season.

If you need somebody at your wide receiver 3 play to surprise you, why not go with Christian Kirk here? The Cardinals need a secondary threat to DeAndre Hopkins. And as long as Christian Kirk is healthy, they can make some plays down the field. He and Kyler Murray do have that connection in that area of the field.

I'm pretty confident that Christian Kirk can be a surprising sleeper play for your fantasy team here in week 6. Fearlessly forecasting six catches for 87 yards and a touchdown.