Chrissy Teigen takes on mommy shamers calling her photo with son Miles 'inappropriate'

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Chrissy Teigen is taking on mommy shamers fired up about a photo she posted with her 2-year-old son Miles.

On Tuesday, the cookbook author shared a revealing, but relatable, shot of herself covering her bare chest while her toddler playfully hangs between her legs. Her self-deprecating caption referenced her foiled attempt to take a sexy photo in just her underwear: "Please move, Mommy is trying to be thirsty."

While many fans and friends alike enjoyed the mom moment, it rubbed some commenters the wrong way. One fan predicted as much, writing, "Bad mom comments in 5, 4, 3, 2... ." Another follower added, "You know all the Karens are gonna MELT down over this one!"

Sure enough, commenters who disapproved of Teigen's state of undress around her child rushed to declare as much.

"WTF ... am I the only one cringing?" read one response.

"Please tell me that this isn't real," another commenter wrote.

"SMH. It's one thing for your child to accidentally run into the room while you are changing but to pose and post for the world to see is ridiculous," an upset follower chided Teigen. "I swear they don't try to hide it anymore."

"Sorry I love ya. But this is inappropriate," read another comment, while one critic wrote, "Poor John Legend ... Never in a million years [did I think] he would end up with someone with absolutely no class."

In true Teigen form, the 35-year-old model called out the "mad" reactions, joking, "Wait 'til [they] find out we take baths together."

Indeed, many parents wrote in to say that Teigen's photo documents typical mom life, where, between breastfeeding, baths, getting dressed, bathroom time and an overall lack of privacy, a flash of skin is far from "weird."

"There are a whole lotta people on here who clearly have never tried to get ready for a formal event while being the mother of a toddler," read one comment.

"Clearly the people cringing don't have kids ... and if you do then I don't understand how you manage to get dressed alone? Or take a piss?? A bath???!" a fellow mom wrote in. "Whatever you're doing let me know because my kids are superglued wherever I am!"

"A mom teaching their kids to be proud of their bodies... I see that as good parenting," a fan wrote.

"Anyone who finds this weird needs to examine their own hangups," another follower added.

"I think this is beautiful. If we don't teach little boys that women's bodies are shameful, then they won't grow up to think that they are," read another positive comment. "Love how open you are with your parenting style/moments!!!"

"Thanks for normalizing daily motherhood!" another mom told Teigen.

Teigen's more recent Instagram photo with Miles, who turns 3 this spring, should fetch fewer critical comments.Also posted on Tuesday, it shows mother and son embracing in their kitchen.

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