Chrissy Teigen Just Shared Her Entire Skin Care Routine

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Photo credit: Frazer Harrison - Getty Images
Photo credit: Frazer Harrison - Getty Images

From Harper's BAZAAR

Chrissy Teigen just dropped her entire skin care routine on Instagram. The model and mogul showed off her impossibly glowy skin on Instagram, prompting fans to beg her to detail her skin care routine ASAP. Teigen delivered—but glow like hers comes at a cost.

"I will admit I am def proud my skin lately and feeling myself," says Teigen. "I kind of use whatever is closest." She then mentions that her facialist to the stars, Shani Darden, forces her to use iS Clinical cleanser and face lotion. "The IS clinical cleanser and the lotion is the only thing I use consistently and they’ve always been so good to me," she says. Darden also recommended Teigen use SPF30 sunscreen from Control Collective and La Mer's Creme de La Mer and Concentrate. "$$, I know I know but I gotta be honest," she admits about La Mer.

From the drugstore, Teigen says she loves Biore's chin and nose strips to keep her pores clear. "Mix that with anything anyone at @drjasondiamond’s office tells me to do facial wise and @simonourianmd1’s firm and fade cream when I’m feeling icks, and there you have it. A very simple (no) routine!," she says.

Teigen then edited the caption to add one more of her favorite products—especially if you're picky about your pores. "Forgot one of my most important products, @drdennisgross alpha beta peel pads. So important for on and around my nose and chin. You’ll notice a HUGE difference!!)," she says. Altogether, Teigen's routine costs upwards of $1,600 dollars.

If you're curious about Darden, the celebrity expert has previously shared her entire nighttime skin routine and beauty secrets with BAZAAR:

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