Chrissy Teigen just raised a VERY important question about The Little Mermaid on Twitter, and the movie will never be the same again

We’re pleased to report that Chrissy Teigen has broken the internet yet again. Thanks to her humor, frankness, and penchant for Twitter rants, Teigen is of our favorite people to follow on social media. Remember when she live-tweeted her disastrous experience flying to Tokyo? Or her savage tweets about Jesus Christ Superstar Live? Well, Teigen’s latest Twitter rant — which happens to be about The Little Mermaid — might be our favorite one yet.

On Sunday, June 10th, the supermodel and cookbook author took to Twitter to raise a VERY important question: “How does Ariel know what ‘reprimand’ means but not ‘feet?'” And now, we don’t think we’ll ever see The Little Mermaid the same way again.

Teigen is, of course, referring to lyrics from the song “Part of Your World.” While wondering about life above the water, Ariel sings, “Bet’cha on land, they understand / Bet they don’t reprimand their daughters.”

We always knew that Ariel didn’t know the words for a lot of objects on land. At various points during The Little Mermaid, she doesn’t know the word for a fork or a pipe, opting instead to call them a “dinglehopper” and a “snarfblat,” respectively. But Teigen pointing out that Ariel DOES know such a big word (you know, relatively speaking) like “reprimand” makes us see the movie in a new way.

We don’t know what prompted Teigen’s Twitter rant about The Little Mermaid — maybe she was watching the movie at home with Luna and Miles? But however she arrived at this thought, we’re grateful that she shared it with us.

Can’t argue with this logic.

In the end, Teigen decided that maybe Ariel just isn’t the brightest Disney princess of the bunch.

After all, the mermaid has lived a pretty sheltered life.

Oh, Chrissy. Never stop tweeting your trains of thought, okay?