Chrissy Teigen Gets 'Gift That Keeps on Giving' After Disney Cruise: Violent Illness

chrissy teigen and john legend visit disneyland resort in anaheim, california
Chrissy Teigen Gets Violently Ill from Family TripHandout - Getty Images

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Chrissy Teigen, John Legend, and their kids are all big, big Disney fans. This is clear from Teigen's many Disney-merch-related Instagram posts, John's vocal contributions to the title track of 2017's Beauty and the Beast remake, and that time in April of 2019 that this author was standing outside of the Carnation Cafe on Main Street in Disneyland and went, "Is that ... is that Chrissy Teigen and John Legend?" to his family as they were escorting their kids to an appointment at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, which Disney later posted on their official website. (Their visit to the Boutique, that is. Not this author standing outside the Carnation Cafe. Nobody needs to see that).

Teigen's latest Disney trip, however, and its most publicized souvenir, are far less likely to wind up on any of Disney's official channels.

Teigen's latest excursion with Mickey and his friends was apparently aboard a Disney Cruise, a whirlwind adventure with Legend and their kids Luna Simone, Miles Theodore, and Esti Maxine. Such a whirlwind, in fact, that Teigen felt winded in the aftermath. She tweeted out, "leaving a disney cruise is like leaving Las Vegas except you only feeeeeel like you binged drugs, and, you are wet". Which is basically distilling all the vibes of David Foster Wallace's acclaimed essay A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again into 114 characters.

Later in that thread, Teigen would add "4 days ago feels like… so long ago. our kids must never EVER forget we did this for them. Solidarity to all the other Disney cruise parents," but perhaps the more interesting detail she included was, "I'm coughing up… something."

That's because, as PEOPLE reports, Chrissy apparently got sick on that cruise.

"I am still… madly sick, from this f---ing cruise," Teigen, 37, shared in an Instagram Story. "I never get sick," she continued, while groaning. "I love germs," she deadpanned. "The gift that keeps on giving."

Now, to be clear, though Teigen uses the verbiage "from this f---ing cruise," we are absolutely not asserting that she or anyone got sick from a Disney Cruise. At most, all that can be asserted with any certainty is that Teigen has gotten sick, and also was recently on a Disney Cruise. A reportedly very fun cruise that millions of families have enjoyed over the years, and without any major reported outbreaks of illness to date. We should stress that there's no reason to believe the Disney Cruise Chrissy went on is the reason she got sick.

[Psst! Look...everybody keep cool, okay? Right now, Disney's lawyers are all fired up after filing suit against the governor of freakin' Florida on First Amendment grounds, okay? They're giving Hogan hulking up against The Rock at Wrestlemania X-8, "hit me and I just get back up stronger" vibes, and I don't know about you, but I do not wanna take the body slam that comes after that. If Chrissy wants that smoke, it's her business, but the rest of us? Let's just all keep cool, ok?]

So, we wish Chrissy Teigen a speedy recovery from this "gift that keeps on giving" illness, even though we have absolutely no idea where that gift possibly could have come from.

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