Chrissy Teigen donated 99 chicken eggs to the gods so she'd be blessed with a baby

Chrissy Teigen did an Instagram live stream just hours after announcing her second pregnancy. (Photo: Instagram/Chrissy Teigen)
Chrissy Teigen did an Instagram live stream just hours after announcing her second pregnancy. (Photo: Instagram/Chrissy Teigen)

Chrissy Teigen is known for being open about a lot of things. One of the most personal subjects she’s spoken about, though, is her struggle with fertility.

After giving birth to 1-year-old Luna in April 2016, Teigen revealed that her daughter had been conceived through IVF. So when the wife of John Legend took to Instagram on Tuesday to announce that she’s pregnant with their second child, it wasn’t a surprise to see many fans and followers ask about the way she had conceived this time around. The topic also came up in an Instagram live stream that Teigen did with her mother, Pepper, during which they mentioned a visit to the Buddhist Temple.

“Mommy gotta bring banana back to the temple,” Pepper said to Teigen during the late-night live stream, before the expectant mama responded, “I bought them eggs already, that was the whole thing.” Once the mother-daughter duo realized they were on live stream, and that followers were probably confused, they explained that they had made a food offering to the temple in the hope that Teigen would become pregnant.

“We had to go to the temple to beg for a baby, and then I had to buy them eggs — 99 eggs,” Teigen explained, as her mother added that they had also brought a banana. “So shouldn’t they give me back eggs? I already got it for them.”

Pepper continued to explain that the food offerings were part of a promise that the pair made to the temple when asking for a baby, a Thai tradition for those who are hoping to have children. As described by author Andrea Whittaker, both eggs and bananas are given as offerings, as symbols of fertility. An additional offering — like Teigen’s bananas — must be made once a baby is conceived, in order to redeem the vow.

The tradition is something that both Teigen and her mother evidently believe in; however, it’s not unlike Teigen to crack a few jokes about it.

“This is all very suspicious that it just happens to be their grocery list that day of what you have to bring to the temple,” was her hilarious comment in the live stream. And it seems that grocery shopping was, in fact, on her mind when she went to the temple to make the offering.

Teigen’s viral hunt for brown bananas back in September seems to have been inspired by the collection of offerings that she made to the temple. She apparently got two things out of the process: a second baby and her delicious banana bread.

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