Chrissy Teigen Cranks Up The Glow Factor In New, No-Makeup Instagram Photo

Chrissy Teigen Cranks Up The Glow Factor In New, No-Makeup Instagram Photo
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  • Chrissy Teigen, 36, squeezed in some much-needed R&R in a new Instagram photo.

  • In the no-makeup snap, Chrissy shows off her radiant, fresh face.

  • The actress says $9 makeup wipes and a "holy" face oil are staples in her skincare routine.

Chrissy Teigen knows exactly how to unwind: in sweats, on the couch, with a puppy (named Pebbles, ICYMI) and a blanket. In a new, no-makeup Instagram photo, she's flaunting her relaxation skills—and her super glowy skin.

"So tired and cranky this week," the 36-year-old cookbook author and model captioned the post (but you'd never know it by looking at the snap!). "I honestly think it’s my new water app because that’s the only change lol I think my body is rejecting the consumption of this foreign substance."

If hydration is behind that fresh face, then I'm ready to purchase a new water bottle:

Luckily, Chrissy's been more than open in the past about the products that help her unlock that major glow. In a few Instagram Story videos, she dropped her entire nighttime routine.

First up is Eyeko's Mascara Off makeup remover wipes. "It’s for your eyes, but I use it on my whole face," Chrissy revealed. And, if you're a lashes kind of gal, listen up: "It’s good to put on your [false] lashes for a little bit so they can just gently come off," she added.

"I get everything off. Everything off," Chrissy shared while demonstrating (and it's true — she's totally fresh-faced in just a few seconds). Then comes step two, which Chrissy clarifies is "very important."

"A little birdie named Nova gave me this tiny bottle of oil," she said. "She said it was amazing, it had one ingredient… I used it and when I tell you my skin changed—my life changed—it did."

The "magic" oil in question is Le Prunier's Plum Beauty Oil. Chrissy said that, after using it, her skin is "plump and supple." She applies it "all over" and sometimes uses a moisturizer afterwards to lock it in. "It's holy. It's amazing," she added.

Killing it, Chrissy! But can Pebbles drop the routine for those ears, next?

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