Chrissy Teigen receives criticism for posting bathtub photo with her kids: 'Not appropriate in front of your son'

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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - JANUARY 26: Chrissy Teigen attends the 62nd Annual GRAMMY Awards at STAPLES Center on January 26, 2020 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for The Recording Academy)
Chrissy Teigen, 36, received a flurry of criticism from followers on Instagram after posting a photo of herself taking a bubble bath with her children, Miles and Luna. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for The Recording Academy)

Chrissy Teigen is receiving a flurry of criticism from Instagram commenters.

The model and cookbook author posted a smile-filled photo of herself soaking in some suds with her and husband John Legend's children, Miles, 3, and Luna, 5, on Friday.

“Not pictured: endless bickering,” Teigen captioned the post, which showed the trio smiling for the camera while Teigen snapped the selfie.

However, a flurry of followers were quick to jump in. Some replied that it's inappropriate that Teigen bathes with her son, while others complained that it was the posting of a private moment on the Internet that was a poor choice, saying it should have stayed within the family.

“Nope! Not appropriate in front of your son,” one person wrote, while another commented “Bickering between kids is normal. Taking a bath with your kids is not.”

"Here we go again with pictures like this again. Keep it private," one user replied. "Some aspects of your life you should keep to yourself Chrissy."

Others simply commented about how Teigen was in the bathtub despite wearing a full face of makeup.

Despite the criticism, most followers applauded Teigen for the joyful post of a mom enjoying the day with her kids. Friend Brooklyn Decker commented with "love love love," while Teigen's cookbook co-author Adeena Sussman wrote "love all these bathing beauties."

Video: Teigen faces backlash for 'Squid Game' party

Known for being outspoken, Teigen has received criticism from followers frequently in recent months. Last month, she faced backlash after throwing a lavish party inspired by the popular Netflix series Squid Game, a South Korean survival drama in which people struggling with poverty battled for money in a series of deathly games.

"Where do I even begin! What an absolutely epic night. My dream came true of watching my friends fight to the death!" Teigen captioned her post, which showed her dressed up as the murderous doll from the show. "Dunk tank, musical chairs, and hide and seek, followed by a very riveting final game of pin the tail on the donkey. Wife of the Party, you truly are the best and have the best team ever. Thank you thank you thank you! More pics to come!"

In response to her post, some of Teigen's 35 million followers criticized her event.

"This is so beyond tone-deaf as a millionaire to invite your rich friends over and reenact 'Squid Game' which is rooted in the violence of capitalism," one commenter said.

"Why do rich people always miss the entire point?" another person answered. "Complete lack of self-awareness."

Despite the frequent critiques from followers, Teigen does manage to connect with fans on occasion. Back in September, she revealed that her body was "stuck" and "paused in time" since she lost her baby son Jack during pregnancy in 2020.

"When you lose a baby halfway through, your body just pauses. It has nothing to do. No one to feed. And you’re just… stuck. Stuck with saggy boobs that were prepping to be milk bags, a belly that was ready to bake," Teigen explained.

"I would be lying if I said this did not majorly suck. Not only are you ummmm extremely, diabolically sad at what could have been, but you have this daily reminder every time you look in the goddamn mirror," she continued.

In response to her candid post, Teigen received a flood of support from friends and followers, who commended her for her honesty.