Chris Sheridan Shares a Sneak Peek of 'Resident Alien' Season 3

Season 2 just ended but we already have the deets on the new season!

Who would have thought an alien invading earth would be more funny than scary? SYFY's Resident Alien has been a bonafide hit for the network and not only offers laugh-out-loud hijinks from its titular character, Harry (Alan Tudyk), but also a lot of heart.

Harry is an alien stranded on earth who has to take on human form to blend in with the townsfolk of the quaint little town of Patience, Colorado.

Resident Alien has been so successful that SYFY picked it up for a third season ahead of the show's return for the second half of season 2.

Here's what we know so far about season 3 of Resident Alien.

What is Resident Alien about?

Based on a comic book series of the same name, Resident Alien follows an alien whose mission is to destroy all life on earth. Before he can complete his mission his ship crash lands in Patience, Colorado, and he must find the lost parts of his ship so he can destroy earth and go home. To remain incognito, he takes on the human form of a local resident, Dr. Harry Vanderspiegle (Tudyk) and is roped into a murder investigation of the town doctor. The show follows Harry's adventures as he searches for pieces of his lost ship, discovers kindness and the humanity of the human species, all while planning revenge on his archnemesis, a young boy named Max (Judah Prehn) who can see through his human cloaking device.

Where is Resident Alien filmed?

Resident Alien films in Vancouver, Canada and in the surrounding areas.

Has season 3 of Resident Alien begun filming?

Series creator Chris Sheridan is currently working on plotting and writing season 3. He hopes production will get underway in early 2023.

How many episodes will there be in season 3 of Resident Alien?

Season 3 will contain 12 episodes, and according to Sheridan, it will not be split into two sections like season 2.

When will season 3 of Resident Alien premiere?

No premiere date has been announced, but look for Resident Alien season 3 to premiere sometime in mid-to-late-2023. Check back with for updates!

What happened in season 1 of Resident Alien?

Season 1 of Resident Alien sets up how and why Harry arrives on earth. On a mission to destroy the earth and all of mankind, Harry's ship is hit by lightning causing him to crash land on earth with parts of his ship scattered in the vicinity where he landed. To remain under the radar while he searches for the missing pieces of his ship, he kills Dr. Harry Vanderspiegle and takes on his identity. He lives a quiet, unassuming life learning how to behave and speak like a human through Law & Order reruns until the local sheriff (Corey Reynolds) calls on him to help with the murder investigation and autopsy of the town doctor. Somewhat intrigued he agrees to help and is forced to deal with other humans in the process. As he takes on the role of the interim town doctor, he learns more about humans and their behavior. He comes across a young boy, Max (Prehn), who is the only one that can see past his human cloak and the two become instant enemies but later become friends.

As Harry finds the missing pieces of his ship and the device that will destroy the earth, a nefarious military covert operation is on the hunt for him. Deciding not to destroy the earth, Harry is able to fix his ship and is on his way home when he discovers a stowaway on board.

**Spoiler alert: The following section reveals the conclusion of season 2.**

What happened in season 2 of Resident Alien?

Spoiler Alert: If you have not watched all of season 2, do not read on as there are spoilers ahead.

When returning to Earth to bring back a stowaway—Max, Harry's ship was damaged and Harry temporarily lost his memory.

After Sheriff Mike and Deputy Liv (Elizabeth Bowen) discovered Harry's true form, he wiped their memories from that day. The memory gap causes Liv to question a few things which leads to her investigating the missing day.

Needing parts for his radio device so he can phone home, Harry attempts to romance Kate's (Meredith Garretson) cousin, Carlyn (Alex Borstein) so he can swipe her keycard and gain entry to her lab. Later, he and Asta (Sara Tomko) go on a hike in hopes of sending a message back to his home planet but several tag-a-longs hinder their plans.

General McCallister (Linda Hamilton) continues to interrogate Dr. Ethan Stone (Michael Cassidy), the doctor they mistakenly picked up thinking he was an alien.

Much to his surprise, Harry learns he has a daughter who arrives in Patience after rebelling against her mom and the real Harry's ex-wife.

Sadly, we said goodbye to 42, Harry's cephalopod cousin (voiced by Nathan Fillion), but we said goodbye in the most hysterical Resident Alien fashion as Harry tried to resuscitate his cousin by giving him mouth-to-mouth in front of a horrified Sahar (Gracelyn Awad Rinke) and her bewildered dog.

Harry and Asta headed to New York in search of a possible alien relative of his. They discovered an alien named Goliath (David Bianchi) who had a Banksy-like existence as an artist. Unfortunately, by the time they tracked Goliath down, he was dead, but he did leave a little present for Harry.

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Their New York adventure ended with a dead Agent Casper (Mandell Maughan), goons from the mysterious Galvan/Powell Group hot on their trail with a connection to the real Harry and Dr. Hodges (Jan Bos), and an alien hybrid egg.

After returning home, the two must contend with well-meaning friends and family, the Galvan/Powell goons and the alien hybrid egg hatching.

With a Baby Harry on the loose, Asta and Harry try to keep the party-goers in the cabin while Harry looks for Goliath's child. He eventually stumbles upon him as Baby Harry attaches himself to Harry with a message from Goliath warning him that there are other aliens on their way to Earth to destroy all mankind. The baby quickly escapes when Harry is fired upon by the goon from Galvan/Powell, and Asta is forced to kill him in order to save Harry's life.

And that's just the first half of season 2!

The second half saw Asta dealing with the repercussions of her actions as others in town deal with various events in their lives.

The murder investigation was the main focus of the first few episodes of the second half of the season with Mayor Ben trying to shift the investigation to the nearby rival town of Jessup. The investigation also brought in a potential love interest for Sheriff Mike with Jessup Detective Lena Torres (Nicola Correia-Damude).

D'Arcy decided to get back into skiing but her old injuries caused her to seek pain meds which she then got addicted to, but after realizing she was on a downward spiral, she sought help from Asta.

Mayor Ben was trying to convince the whole town to get on board with the idea of a resort in Patience, but after Kate jumped off the resort bandwagon, he eventually saw the error of his ways and discarded the idea, much to Sheriff Mike's dismay.

We learned that Goliath was really Harry from the future and the message from him implanted into Baby Harry was a warning of what went wrong in Harry's timeline and what he could do to fix it.

Liv asked Peter the Alien Tracker for help. When he arrived in Patience, it was a surprise not only to Liv, but also to Asta and Harry. Once enemies, Peter and Harry finally teamed up to infiltrate the government bunker which held Baby Harry and also Peter's son! Though the Alien Tracker lost his life saving his son, Harry "adopted" Robert.

Robert was later abducted again by the Grays. We also learned that Ben had been abducted (and likely not his first time) as well as his unborn child. Will Harry save them both next season?

D'Arcy learned of Harry's true identity. Who in Patience will be the next to discover Harry's secret?

The season 2 finale was dedicated to the memory of Bill Terezakis. Who is Bill Terezakis?

Terezakis was a well-respected special effects and prosthetics make-up artist who got his start on shows like Sliders and Seven Days. In recent years, he not only worked on Resident Alien, but also Salvation, The Terror, The Man in the High Castle and many others.

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Will Enver Gjokaj join the cast in season 3?

Gjokaj guest starred in season 2 as Joseph, the Gray Assassin who worked for General McCallister without her knowledge that he was actually an alien. As far as Gjokaj joining Resident Alien in season 3, Sheridan said, "We are hoping to have Enver join us for multiple episodes in season 3. He has great chemistry with Alan and we have some fun things planned for him."

What can we expect from season 3 of Resident Alien?

When asked what he could tease about season 3, Sheridan said, "We are still working out the details for season 3, but we do know it will be 12 episodes which I’m hoping will air in one group. I will say that with so many of our characters involved in the alien story, you can expect to see a little more alien content this coming season. We will never go away from the town stories but the otherworldly threat has been ratcheted up for all our characters."

Will we see other alien species (like the Blue Avians) in season 3 of Resident Alien?

Sheridan promises we will see more aliens on Resident Alien, but won't say when, who, or how.

Did Harry give his Baby Alien a name?

Harry took to parenthood pretty quickly and tried out several names to see which one suited his offspring. Some of the names were Moishe, Chaz, Jebediah, and Merle. So what were some of the rejected names?

According to Chris Sheridan, the variety of names was Tudyk's idea. "That whole run was Alan’s idea. He came up with it when we were shooting— he thought it would be funny if he just kept changing the name."

What did Harry end up naming the Baby Alien?

After a comment from Sahar that the baby was a bridge between his species and the human race, Harry settled on Bridget.

Harry sent Bridget back to his home planet. Will we see Bridget again?

In speaking with, Sheridan revealed we'll likely see Bridget again. "I think that little alien baby is waaaay too cute to not bring back," Sheridan said. "So yes, I would expect to see a little more of Bridget in the future. That way we can push the network to make little plushies so our audience can go to sleep with stuffed aliens!"

Will D'Arcy return to competitive skiing?

If she does, we probably won't see much of it next season. "D’arcy got back into skiing in season 2 because she has been on this journey trying to discover what makes her happy. In season 3, now that she knows that Harry is an alien, she may be too busy trying to help save the world to be concerned with skiing," Sheridan told

D'Arcy knows about Harry now. So who in Patience will be next to discover who Harry really is?

Sheridan says he'll never tell but when asked how he thinks Liv would react if she discovers Harry's real identity (or remembers the events from the missing day), Sheridan said, "I think she would get incredibly emotional because it would validate every belief she ever had about aliens. Then she would stand on a large rock and scream, 'I told you, you mother$%@@&!'”

How to watch seasons 1 and 2 of Resident Alien?

You can watch full episodes of Resident Alien on, on the SYFYOne app or on Peacock. Alternatively, you can purchase episodes or season subscriptions for Resident Alien on iTunes, Amazon, and other streaming platforms.

Who's in the Resident Alien season 3 cast?

Alan Tudyk (Dr. Harry Vanderspiegle)

Tudyk portrays the show's title character, an alien of the extraterrestrial sort whose original mission was to destroy all human life but after he crashes on Earth, he tries to quietly live out his days in a small Colorado town while he searches for parts of his ship. At the end of season 1, he was on his way home until he discovers a stowaway on his ship.

Tudyk is best known for his roles on Firefly, Dollhouse and Doom Patrol. He has also voiced a variety of characters on shows like American Dad, Rick and Morty and Devil May Care and on movies such as Wreck-It-Ralph, Moana and Aladdin.

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Sara Tomko (Asta Twelvetrees)

Asta is a nurse who befriends Harry when he is asked to investigate her former boss's death. It's her humanity and kindness that causes Harry to question whether he should complete his original mission. She discovers who Harry really is after he is injured when the two fall into a crevasse.

Fun fact: Meredith Garretson, who plays Kate Hawthorne on the show, and Tomko have been friends for years and were both separately cast in Resident Alien.

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Judah Prehn (Max Hawthorne)

Max is the mayor's son and, through a genetic anomaly, is the only one who can see who Harry really is. At first the two are mortal enemies but over the course of the first season, they come to an understanding and become friends. In season 2 it looks like he may be back to being Harry's nemesis as he takes some alien technology (perhaps to stop Harry from leaving again?).

Gracelyn Awad Rinke (Sahar)

Sahar is Max's friend who's in on the secret of Harry's true identity. She and Max continue to thwart Harry at every turn and take every opportunity to annoy him! Sahar and Harry bond a little during the second season when she becomes a surrogate parent to Baby Harry.

Corey Reynolds (Sheriff Mike Thompson)

The sheriff lives by a code and will arrest anyone who dare defies it. We learned more about Sheriff Mike's past and why he left his job as a celebrated cop in Washington, DC to move to the quiet and seemingly uneventful town of Patience, Colorado.

Elizabeth Bowen (Deputy Liv Baker)

Liv is the town's beloved deputy and her calm and collected demeanor is a good contrast to the sheriff.

The deputy suspects some sort of coverup from the day both she and the sheriff don't seem to remember. Her childhood alien encounters fuel her need to uncover the truth.

Levi Fiehler (Mayor Ben Hawthorne) and Meredith Garretson (Kate Hawthorne)

The town mayor and his wife has hit a bit of rough patch in their marriage with Ben learning of Kate's pregnancy and Kate learning that he and D'Arcy kissed recently. While there are moments that their marriage is strained, the two still seem to have plenty of passion for each other.

The mayor is in a not-so-silent competition with Mitch (David James Lewis), the mayor of the nearby town of Jessup to bring tourist dollars to their respective towns. With murders piling up in Patience, the mayor of Jessup takes every opportunity to let the world know his town is safer than Patience.

As we saw in the second season finale, Ben was one of the abductees along with Robert, the Alien Tracker's son who was abducted when he was still in his mother's womb. Ben's unborn child was also abducted from Kate's womb. Kate learned she was pregnant in the mid-season finale but then later took another pregnancy test and learned she was not pregnant. During that time, she unknowingly was abducted and her baby taken from her.

Alice Wetterlund (D'Arcy Bloom)

D'Arcy was a former skier who was injured during one of her mogul runs at the Olympics, ending her Olympic career. Not only is she a bartender at the local watering hole, she is also a member of the avalanche control team and was instrumental in rescuing Harry and Asta after the three of them fell into a crevasse in season 1. Some days she can be described as the town drunk, but on other days she's the town's badass hero.

In the second season, D'Arcy seems to be lost and in search of her purpose in life. She stumbles down that path in only a way D'Arcy can. Instead of running away from life which seems to be the norm for her, D'Arcy appears to be changing direction and running toward it by season's end. She also learns Harry is not human. She thinks he's a dinosaur, but po-ta-toe, po-tah-toe.

Gary Farmer (Dan Twelvetrees)

Asta's adoptive father runs the local diner and is steeped in the traditions of his Ute Native American tribe. Back in the first season, when Harry was injured with only Asta to help, she calls upon her father to assist her, allowing Dan to see what Harry really is. He continues to be the calm voice of wisdom for Asta and now also for his granddaughter, Jay.

This past season we learned that Dan knew where Asta's mother was but kept it from her to avoid the hurt he knew would come if Asta sought her out.

Kaylayla Raine (Jay)

Jay is the daughter Asta gave up when she was a teen. Asta has kept tabs on her over the years and hired her as an intern at the Patience Health Clinic where she works. She's accidentally outed as Asta's biological daughter by Harry which causes a rift in Jay and Asta's relationship.

As the two try to build up their relationship, situations and Harry's meddling create havoc on their delicate bond.

Jenna Lamia (Judy Cooper)

Judy is a jill-of-all trades but master of none. It seems like most of her girlfriends including D'Arcy and Asta tolerate her, but she always manages to get invited (even if she invites herself) to the party.

The local resident of Patience isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer, but the actress who plays her, Jenna Lamia, is quite the sharp-witted one. Lamia only appears dumb when she plays Judy on the show. She wrote two episodes in season 2 - "Girls Night (Episode 3)" and "Harry, a Parent (Episode 13)". Lamia also wrote several episodes and served as a consulting producer on Good Girls and previously wrote episodes for Awkward and 90210.

Sheridan hopes Lamia will have time to write at least one episode for season 3, but she's in high demand. Lamia has a movie she wrote coming out and is working on writing a new Netflix series.

Diana Bang (Ellen Cho)

Ellen is one of the nurses that works with Asta and Harry and is very much a thorn in Harry's side. She steals his yogurts from the office fridge and is a general annoyance to Harry.

Linda Hamilton (General McCallister)

After a supernatural encounter as a child, General McCallister now runs a covert operation seeking out alien life. Hamilton is best known for her role as Sarah Connor in the Terminator movies.

Fun fact: Hamilton's son, Dalton, played an infant John Connor in Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Alex Barima (Lieutenant David Logan)

At the end of season 1, Logan had been cut from the team looking for Harry and alien life on earth. In season 2 his life is spared after being shot by Joseph, the alien assassin, because he had Harry's alien ball in his possession. He teams up again with General McCallister to locate the alien in Patience.

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