Chris Rock Reportedly Declined Hosting The Oscars Again, And The Joke He Made About It Isn't Sitting Well With People

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Chris Rock won't be hosting the Oscars again — and the way he recently told an audience the news isn't sitting well with people.

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The comedian, who was on the receiving end of Will Smith's infamous Oscars slap, reportedly said he was asked to return to host the show in 2023.

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According to TMZ, Chris filled in his fans during a standup performance over the weekend, explaining that he had no plans to take the Oscars stage again.

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But he didn't stop there — Chris also reportedly compared making a return to the Oscars to Nicole Brown Simpson's brutal murder in 1994.

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During his routine, Chris allegedly said hosting the show would be like asking Nicole "to go back to the restaurant" where she ate shortly before she was murdered.

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While it's unclear how the audience reacted, fans online were definitely upset by the joke:

Chris has not yet spoken out about the backlash, but based on his lack of response to other Oscars drama, he's probably not planning on saying anything anytime soon.

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And based on the public's response to Chris' recent joke, I'm thinking it's probably a good thing he won't be hosting the Oscars either.