Chris Noth responds to rumours Mr Big won't appear in SATC revival

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Chris Noth has responded to rumours he won't appear in the Sex And The City revival in the most Mr Big way possible.

2021 kicked off to a decent start when Sarah Jessica-Parker revealed the reboot we've all been waiting for is in the works. And while we know Samantha Jones aka Kim Cattrall definitely won't be returning, a rumour then went round which claimed Mr Big wouldn't be making an appearance, either. Agh.

In mid-February, Page Six said despite Mr Big playing such a central part in the show's six seasons and both subsequent film, he wouldn't be part of Carrie Bradshaw's life in the upcoming reboot, Just Like That.

Photo credit: HBO/Sex and the City
Photo credit: HBO/Sex and the City

Understandably, fans were not too pleased to hear the news about Mr Big, with many of them taking to social media to express their disappointment. But fast forward a few weeks, and it sounds like we might have jumped to conclusions just that little bit too early!

Responding to fans who were upset in his Instagram comments, Chris Roth hinted that rumours that he wasn't involved in the project are false. "Well, if Page Six says it… it must be true," he put with a winking face emoji.

He also added, "Everything changes — including announcements in the rags."

Some fans are speculating that the earlier reports about his lack of involvement might've been true, but that he has since signed on to the project.

Just Like That will be broadcast on HBO Max in a ten-episode series, and now we're full with all sorts of questions about what's going to unfold. But mostly, are Carrie and Mr Big still married? WE NEED TO KNOW.

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