Chris Hemsworth Says He’s ‘Losing It’ During a 4-Day Fast

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Chris Hemsworth Is 'Losing It' During 4-Day FastDisney+

Chris Hemsworth packed on more muscle than ever before in 2021 while preparing to film Thor: Love and Thunder, a process which involved some intense, exhausting workouts—but his most recent project sees him take on a range of very different physical challenges.

In his new documentary series Limitless With Chris Hemsworth, the actor travels around the world exploring different ways to live a longer, healthier life, from learning about extreme stress management by walking along a crane 900 feet up in the air, to unlocking new levels of strength while climbing over a canyon.

He also experiments with his diet and eating habits, embarking on a four-day fast under the guidance of Dr. Peter Attia, before then attempting to tap into his own body's potential by hunting for his next meal. But as Hemsworth reveals in an exclusive clip which you can see above, the fasting period takes more of a physical toll than he expected, and he hits a wall on the third day.

"I feel pretty weak trying to walk up the stairs, trying to walk down the hall, I feel like it's tough to catch my breath," he says. "I can't even think... I'm losing it."

Hemsworth being Hemsworth, his first instinct is to hit the gym to see if that improves matters. No such luck. "I'm trying to get my ketones going again by working out, but I'm feeling nothing. Oh, and did I mention that I'm feeling really, really hungry?" He jokes.

"I don't think Chris has found this to be a pleasant experience at all," says Attia. "But a big part of fasting is understanding why you're doing it. And that's the key to tolerating this thing: it's being able to focus on the motivation behind the fast."

Attia points out to Hemsworth that one of the main factors behind him pursuing these longevity-focused challenges is his family.

"I like that motivation," says Hemsworth. "Anything that stops me thinking about food is a good thing, at this point."

Limitless With Chris Hemsworth begins streaming on Disney+ on November 16.

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