Chris Hemsworth In His First Acting Role, And 18 Other #TBT Photos Celebs Shared This Week

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Celebrity #TBT Photos You Missed This Week

1.Dolly Parton shared — a very rare — photo of herself and her husband, Carl Thomas Dean, taken in the late '60s:

2.Chris Hemsworth posted this screenshot from when he made his onscreen acting debut in the Australian teen series Guinevere Jones in 2002:

3.In honor of Zoë Kravitz's 33rd birthday, her godmother, Marisa Tomei, shared this photo of herself and Lisa Bonet holding her in the late '80s:

4.Janet Jackson posted this photo of herself and her longtime collaborator, Terry Lewis, back in the '90s in honor of his 65th birthday:

5.Tom Ellis remembered shooting the pilot for his short-lived 2014 series, Rush:

6.Elizabeth Banks took us back to when she played Betty Brant in the Sam Raimi Spider-Man trilogy:

7.Julia Roberts shared this photo of her holding her twins, Hazel and Phinnaeus, as babies in 2004, in celebration of their 17th birthdays:

8.Paul McCartney remembered George Harrison on the 20th anniversary of his death by sharing this photo of the two of them in the studio in the late '60s:

9.In honor of World AIDS Day, Madonna shared this video of herself performing "This Life" in 1993, a song she wrote about friends of hers that had died of the disease:

10.Drew Barrymore posted this little clip from when she hosted SNL in 1982:

11.Padma Lakshmi shared this photo of herself at the Trainspotting premiere in 1996:

12.Luke Evans posted this photo of himself taken on the set of the TV series The Alienist in 2019:

13.Jamie Lee Curtis remembered when she did guest spots on Love Boat (with her mother, Janet Leigh) and Charlie's Angels in 1978:

14.Arnold Schwarzenegger paid tribute to his fellow bodybuilder Dave Draper (far left), who died this week, by sharing this photo of the two them in the 1970s:

15.Jenna Fischer posted this moment from The Office:

16.In honor of the 15th anniversary of her second solo album, The Sweet Escape, Gwen Stefani posted these photos from the album art for it:

17.Kate Moss posted this photo of herself taken for British Vogue in 1993:

18.Donatella Versace shared this photo of herself and Gianni Versace in the '80s, in honor of what would've been his 75th birthday:

19.And finally, Lupita Nyong'o shared this 2014 photo of herself and Chadwick Boseman in honor of what would've been his 45th birthday: