Chris Harrison Got Asked If Matt James Is Quitting Clare’s Season After All Their Drama

From Cosmopolitan

The Bachelorette is currently postponed due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, but before production shut down, Tyler Cameron’s best friend Matt James was announced as one of the contestants. And, uh, since then he and Clare have had some highly awkward drama.

Basically, Clare subtweeted Matt and called him out for doing interview rounds and joining Cameo, implying that he’s not in it for the right reasons. The thing is, all the money Matt makes from Cameo is going straight to charity.

Vibes between them are clearly all kinds of awkward and The Bachelorette hasn’t even started yet—so you might be wondering if Matt plans to continue with the show. According to Bachelorette host Chris Harrison, that’d be a tentative yes. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight’s Lauren Zima, Chris said it was “up to Matt” whether or not he remains on Clare’s season, but, “As far as I know, [he’ll still be a contestant].” He added, “I mean, I have not heard anything different. I mean, I don’t know if he wants to do this after quarantine, who knows? But as far as I know, yes.”

Photo credit: Instagram
Photo credit: Instagram

Chris also backed Clare, saying she wasn’t “calling anybody in particular out” and that “She’s not mad at Matt, and it’s all good. And she’s not mad at anybody doing things for charity first of all. Don’t get mad at Clare.”

I mean, it seemed pretty obvious that Clare was talking about Matt, but okay! Either way, here’s his response:

According to another interview Chris Harrison gave with Entertainment Weekly, The Bachelorette will likely start filming again in late June or early July, so Matt has a while to decide how he feels.

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