Chris Evans Just Showed Off His Ripped Abs While Backflipping Into a Pool

Philip Ellis
·2 mins read

From Men's Health

Chris Evans might have hung up the famous shield and stepped back from the role of Captain America, but he's still pulling off superheroic stunts in real life. In a video posted to his Instagram Story yesterday, Evans performed a backflip worthy of an MCU action sequence. There were no aliens or Nazis present this time, though: just Evans' dog, who watched as the actor took one final jump into his pool before winter.

"Last swim before the pool hibernates," the caption on the video reads. "It was freezing!" Evans also made note of his own paleness in the video's text, joking: "I wonder what it's like to be tan?" But the only thing most of the clip's viewers saw was his lean, post-Marvel physique. After playing the swole super-soldier Steve Rogers for a whole decade, Evans is carrying a lot less mass these days, and his shredded six-pack abs are on full display.

He was also sporting some new tattoos in the video, and the overall effect online was a tidal wave of thirst the likes of which have not been seen since... well, since a couple of weeks ago, when Evans accidentally posted a dickpic to his Instagram Story.

After sowing absolute chaos (not to mention a whole lot of horny speculation) on the internet, the Knives Out star swiftly capitalized on his name trending on Twitter by pivoting the conversation from peen to politics, encouraging all of his fans to go out and vote on November 3 (and categorically neither confirming nor denying whose nude that was on his Camera Roll).

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