Chow Chow Just Graduated from Puppy School and He Couldn't Be More Proud

TikTok is rallying in support of one adorable Chow Chow puppy after the sweetest video of him started going viral. The little one's name is Harry, and he couldn't be more proud of himself for graduating from puppy school. He's already such a good boy--and he knows it!

What @harrythechow doesn't know, though, is that 3 million people have witnessed his fantastic achievement. Harry's come so far in his young life, and we can't wait to see what else this fluffy dog accomplishes.

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You go, Harry!! You have so many fans from across the globe cheering you on in your training, so we sure hope you and your paw-rents stick to it. Puppy training can be one of the most valuable things anyone can do for their dog!

According to the canine experts at the American Kennel Club, dog owners can start training their puppy as soon as they come home. Simple positive reinforcement exercises can go a long way for a pup--just look at Harry! He sat so perfectly for his graduation pictures like the good boy he learned to be.

"What a cutie!" said commenter @angelamarie_xx. "Congrats, Harry!" She's not the only one wishing him congratulations, either. Tons of viewers are mentioning this baby's proud face and wonderful demeanor.

We couldn't agree more with @broken22 who wrote, "that is a beautiful Chow Chow." Isn't he? We know he's going to be huge when he's a fully grown dog--especially with all that fluff--but he's going to be absolutely stunning. In fact--e already is!

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