How to Choose the Right Kitchen Appliance Brand

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When you’re picking kitchen appliances, don’t just look at the price or features—you need to consider the brand. These may be more expensive, but you’re actually banking on their quality, reputation and convenience. Some of them have been trusted for decades, because they’ve consistently met customer expectations. Isn’t that better than buying something from a company you’ve never heard of?

But what’s the difference between real brand quality and just fancy marketing? Here’s how to choose the right kitchen appliance brand, so you get real value for money.

Reliable reviews

Don’t believe the salesperson who tells you that an appliance is a bestseller. Instead, go check the Internet for reviews. You’ll be able to see if the features really work, and even hear about glitches or problems that only emerge after everyday use. For example, that fancy food processor may be hard to disassemble or clean, or overheat after just a few minutes.

Maintenance and repair cost

Some brands may be made of flimsy plastic or inferior parts that break down after just a few months. Others may have serious design flaws that lead to overheating or corrosion.

That’s why you need to consider long-term maintenance costs when you purchase any appliance. Is it made of high-quality materials? Can you replace individual parts, or will you need to overhaul the whole machine? How much will it cost to repair it? You may discover that fixing an appliance will cost more than the original price!

To save on maintenance costs, buy a reliable brand with available parts. If the appliance has any problem, a reliable appliance repair technician could fix it easily.

Warranty and customer service

The best kitchen appliance brands will always go out of their way to ensure your satisfaction. They will give longer warranties or the option to extend your warranty. And if you have a complaint, you can call a customer service hotline. Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to use your warranty because they don’t respond to complaint.

Useful accessories

Some brands will have a range of accessories that can increase your kitchen appliance’s efficiency and functions. For example, you can get new attachments for your mixer, food processor or juicer; or grill plates, burners and rotisserie for your oven. Since they’re all from the same kitchen appliance brand, you know they’re compatible and safe to use.

Availability of parts

We have seen that many cheap or generic kitchen brands can be more expensive to fix than reliable brands.That’s because many smaller kitchen appliance brands don’t have readily available parts. They may be hard to find, or need to be shipped from another country. Sometimes the manufacturer does not have a regional office, and it may take weeks to contact them and get a reply.

Get an appliance you can use for years

The real cost of an appliance isn’t written on its pricetag; it’s the number of times you can use it over the next few years. A $50 kitchen appliance that breaks down in a few months is a bigger waste of money than a $150 appliance that you can use for a decade. Invest in a good brand, have it regularly maintained by experts like Express Appliance Repair, and you’ll get more value for money.

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