Are Chocolate Swirl Nails the New Glazed Donut Manicure?

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The undisputed winner of the “manicure trend of the year” award? Glazed donut nails. Popularized by Hailey Bieber, who initially declared 2022 to be the year of glazed donut skin, you can identify a glazed donut nail by its milky-nude, slightly pearlescent finish. It’s everywhere on social media right now—especially Hailey Bieber's feed. 

One step ahead of the game, Bieber’s latest manicure is an evolution of the classic glazed donut effect. Posing for a series of photographs during a trip to Brazil, the model showed off a chocolate shade on her almond-shaped nails, complete with a frosty top coat. Think: the chocolate swirl to your glazed doughnut. You can see a closer look at her chocolate swirl nails on slide three: 

Just as shiny as its predecessor, chocolate swirl nails are flattering, lend just the right amount of shine, and are an excellent shade to try as the autumn months roll in—particularly if you prefer to go for darker colors when the weather cools. Hailey is nothing if not a beauty trendsetter, so watch this space for viral status.

This post was originally published on British Vogue.

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