Chocolate Lab's Unimpressed Reaction to Baby Crying Is Oh-So Relatable

It doesn’t matter how much you prepare your pets for the arrival of a newborn, they will still be in shock. It's an adjustment period. That’s especially going to be the case if they were the only babies in the house to begin with. Then all of a sudden, their whole world turns upside down, but they’re learning to cope with it daily.

Some dogs are better than others when it comes to hiding how they truly feel about the new baby in the house. TikTok user @k_sodell's dog isn't one to hold back. She captured the dog’s reaction to the baby crying and it’s oh-so relatable. Not to mention it’s downright hilarious. Take a look!

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This is the exact face we make whenever we hear a baby crying too. LOL! We know that every baby does it, but sometimes our fuse runs out and we get very frustrated. It happens! And clearly, this Chocolate Lab is feeling very frustrated by the loud screams and crying that now fill the house. Poor baby!

Those dog eyes are totally saying, “Why did my parents bring this thing home? I need to get out of here ASAP.” LOL! We feel you buddy, but don’t worry, soon enough you two will be the best of friends.

We imagine that children have similar feelings when their parents bring home their younger siblings. At least with kids you can explain to them what is going on or have them go to the other room. Dogs on the other hand might be a little more difficult. There are plenty of tips for pet owners to try that will hopefully get their dogs used to a crying baby. You’ll want to get them comfortable with the sound of a crying baby even before the infant comes home, which can be done by playing recordings and slowly increasing that volume.

When the baby is home, you’ll want to keep them in separate rooms. The crying will be quieter and less intense. While one family member attends to the baby, the other should tend to the dog and work on counterconditioning. You can also teach your dog to go to a certain area when the baby cries and give a toy or a kong to keep them occupied. They might not get used to the crying overnight, but give it time and practice patience.

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