Chocolate Lab’s Protest Over Mom Trying to Take away His Stick Is LOL Funny

Most dogs love finding and chewing on sticks, and for Chocolate Lab Moose, the bigger the stick the better! Moose and his mom Mel are always fighting over which sticks that Moose can keep, and they shared a video on Sunday, February 4th of Moose's latest find.

The video begins with Moose sitting (like a person!) on the couch with a stick in his mouth. Mel comes up and tries to take it away from him. He's not ready or willing to give the stick up, and when mom tries to take it from him, his reaction is sure to crack you up!

Moose wasn't about to give up that stick! Mom rates his attempts to keep the stick, and it looks like this stick must have been a good one because the Chocolate Lab definitely wasn't going to let his mom have it! @Mel and Moose's fans got a kick out of the video, too. @dozer699 shared, "He just cracks me up cuz my girl Labrador Retriever does the same thing. I love the SWATs, that's what mine does too!" @Rodney Liepe says what Moose must have been thinking, ""No touchy!!!! Get your own stick!!!" LOL!"

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Why Dogs Like Sticks

I don't know any dogs that wouldn't take a stick if you gave them one...why is that? Is it because they like to chew on things? Does it make them feel like since they found it it's theirs now? Why do dogs like sticks so much?

There are actually a few reasons that dogs love sticks. First is that they like to play with things, and dogs see sticks as toys. If you think about it, dogs will play with almost anything so why not a stick?

Dogs like bones, and you know what resembles bones? Sticks! Sticks are very similar to a real bone's shape and texture, so it's a handy substitute.

Dogs really do love to chew - it's actually comforting and calming to them which is why they do it so often. A good old stick allows them to do that, without getting in trouble like they would if they chewed on say, one of your favorite shoes.

And sometimes dogs are trying to communicate with us by showing us their stick. If they bring you a stick and offer it to you, but don't give it to you, they may be saying lets play fetch or tug-of-war. If they bring you a stick and drop it at your feet, they could be giving you a gift or showing off their hunting skills.

Hopefully Mel let Moose keep that stick. It sure seemed to be a favorite of his and he really wanted to keep it!

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