Why ‘Too Hot to Handle’ Star Chloe Veitch Joined ‘The Circle’ Season 2

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Photo credit: NETFLIX
Photo credit: NETFLIX

The first person we met on Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle was Chloe Veitch, a 21-year-old model from Essex, England. Veitch, who is a former winner of Top Model U.K., introduced herself like this: “I'm quite ditzy as well, so you’ve just got to be really patient with me, ‘cause I'm not the brightest spark, um, in the book.”

Maybe not, but the camera still loves her. Veitch, now 22, returns to Netflix this week on the streamer’s other reality series, The Circle, which follows a group of people who can only communicate through a social media portal. The winner takes home $100,000 and the title of top influencer—a far cry from the $10.50 Veitch took home on Too Hot to Handle.

Photo credit: NETFLIX
Photo credit: NETFLIX

But Veitch’s performance on THTH wasn’t a total loss. She turned out to be a pretty fun person to get to know on the series; she was always up for a laugh and has a good-humored comedic style. In case you need a reminder, the premise was to put a bunch of horny people in a private villa together and then tell them they can’t have sex, kiss, or participate in “heavy petting.”

What these people have in common is that they are all afraid of commitment. Veitch was no exception: “Dating apps are kind of like a part-time job for me,” she said at the start of the show. Her phone even went off in the middle of her introductory interview, as if to prove her point.

So, what was Veitch up to between her reality TV stints? Let’s find out.

Her time on Too Hot To Handle inspired her to join The Circle.

It’s as simple as that. “Being on Too Hot To Handle and the love and the warmth that I had from fans all over the world has given me the confidence to go on TV again,” Veitch told Women’s Health.

Photo credit: Aline Arruda/Netflix
Photo credit: Aline Arruda/Netflix

Working on THTH also informed how Veitch approached her strategy on The Circle. Contestants can play as themselves or assume a false identity, but THTH taught Veitch to “be herself”—and play The Circle as herself. As she told Us Weekly, “I wouldn’t have gone on The Circle as anyone else but myself because I know that is my strength—being who I am, the personality I have.”

She struggled as the only Brit on The Circle.

Veitch told Us Weekly she had a hard time connecting with the American crew of the series. “I’m the only British one in the show and that in itself, without realizing, was the biggest Brit wall I’ve ever faced because I never knew what they were talking about,” she told Us.

She appears to be single.

At least according to her Valentine’s Day 2021 Instagram post, tagged “Lonelyville.”

Just in case you were worried, she hasn’t changed.

On the THTH reunion episode on May 8, 2020, host Desiree Burch started her call with Veitch by asking her to explain what “banter” and “geezer” mean. Heads up: In Britain, it does not mean “old man” like it does in America. After this explanation, I still don't totally know what Veitch's version of a “geezer” means: “A geezer can be a Kori [Sampson], or a geezer can be a nice geezer.”

We also learn that she has one of those generic “dance like nobody's watching” wall stickers in her room. She doesn’t appear to be in a serious relationship with anyone besides her phone, which she says has “literally blown up” since the show premiered. Burch also taught Veitch a new word: “emulate,” to which Veitch responded, “Is that, like, when you're having sex, and you emulate someone?” (???)

Chloe and Nicole are still pals.

Too Hot To Handle wasn’t just about its contestants finding meaningful romantic relationships; it was also about the friendships. Nicole O’Brien, who's from Cork, Ireland, and Veitch were on the show from start to finish together, and it looks like they're still close. In April 2020, Veitch posted a photo of her and O’Brien with the caption, “My gorgeous baby girl. Can’t wait for many nights out on the town after this!!! See you after quarantine.”

She is thankful for Too Hot to Handle.

In an interview with The Sun, Veitch said she sees dating differently now. “It was sexual rehabilitation for everyone. I was a serial dater and would always have a few guys on the go,” she said. “I was addicted to Tinder, swiping all day. It was a confidence boost for me. But I never chose the best guys. I’ve been hurt before and have an emotional barrier up.”

She's dealing with quarantine just as well as the rest of us

In an interview with Esquire, Veitch said she’s trying to meditate during quarantine, but it hasn't been easy to focus during this pandemic. “I’m like a little kid when it comes to my attention span, so not very well,” she said. “Or I just want to go to sleep.

A relatable answer.

She went to Egypt before quarantine.

It looks like she’s been doing a bit of traveling since the show was filmed in April 2019. She went to Egypt that December, where she posed like this:

She might not be traveling much now, but she’s had a lot of time to reflect on dating

“I think for me as a person, I’m always going to be flirtatious,” she told Esquire. “However, since we have left the villa, I have definitely changed as a person in terms of dating, respecting myself. The challenges we were put through were so thought through, and I loved every minute of it. And now, if I get to know someone and I think we’re a match, I don’t see the harm in moving on with the physical side of things, as long as the emotional grounds and foundation is there.”

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