Chloe Sevigny & Michel Gaubert Host an Edible Perfume Party for Regime des Fleurs

Chloe Sevigny and Michel Gaubert. Photo: Instagram/MichelGaubert

Gigi, Karlie, and Kendall made #squad news on Sunday at Diane von Furstenberg, but there was another fashion coven quietly meeting over the weekend, and their influence will be felt—and smelled—for months to come.

The crew includes music maven Michel Gaubert—the man behind Chanel, Vuitton, and Dior’s runway mixes—plus stylist Ezra Woods and filmmaker Alia Raza, the founders of the fragrance house Regime des Fleurs. They came together with Chloe Sevigny to launch Regime’s latest project, a piece of art called Prayer to St. Therese.

But though it’s based on the Patron Saint of Flowers, it’s not exactly Sunday School friendly: Sevigny created a Polaroid tryptic of herself wearing blossoms and not much else. She recorded a version of the church’s famous Rose Novena, spoken as a poem and remixed by Gaubert with music by Io Echo, Peaking Lights, and more. And for the final touch, Woods and Raza invited friends to take their version of Holy Communion—a spritz of edible perfume to make the body part of the floral fashion experience. Guests could take it alone, with Perrier, with hot tea, or—the most popular choice—with champagne.

“I think I met Ezra in front of a Morrissey concert,” said Sevigny. “And from the minute we met, we had that kind of connection where you feel like you know each other. So he styled me for a while, we collaborate on projects, and he and Alia are encyclopedias of knowledge on fragrance, on fashion, on art history. Talking to them is like going to the most fascinating culture class in the world. They’re endlessly inspiring.”

As for their scents, “I’m so loyal, because sense memory is really strong. It can influence how someone feels about you, even before they meet you. My strongest sense memory is from my mother, who wore Arpege [by Lanvin]… I adore that scent, and whenever I smell it, I feel love, because it’s like being with her. It makes me so happy.”

I mention Chloé—the fragrance that made Sevigny its campaign star—is like that for me. “I never really wore Chloé!” she laughed. (Oops?) “I think the bottle’s gorgeous. I had a million of them, obviously. But it’s not really ‘me.’ I’m pretty faithful to Regime.”

We’re faithful to Gaubert—at least our Spotify mixes are—so we asked him about his latest obsession. “Have you listened to that techno music Container?” he asked. “I really like them right now.” Noted. And what about this season’s runway trends—at least, according to the music he’s been pulling. “I can’t tell you exactly what Paris will be like yet,” he said, “but I can say that so far, the designers are asking for things that aren’t sad, or angry. Nothing depressing. There’s optimism.”

With scented champagne, how could it be any different?