Chips Ahoy! Has Big News: The Cookie Brand Is Changing Their Signature Recipe

The “MMMProved” recipe will feature a new, tastier chocolate chip and richer cookie flavor.

<p>Chips Ahoy!</p>

Chips Ahoy!

Few cookies can compare to the legacy of a warm Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie—a personal favorite (and also reader favorite) cookie recipe with nutty flavor and a perfectly chewy interior. When you need chocolate chip cookies in a pinch, however, folks have turned to the iconic blue bag of Chips Ahoy!—considered America’s #1 chocolate chip cookie—for over 60 years. These crunchy cookies are studded with bits of chocolate and play oh-so-nicely with vanilla ice cream (and hungry kids at Vacation Bible School).

Now, Chips Ahoy! has big news for fans: They’re unveiling a new and “MMMProved” cookie recipe with tastier chocolate and better texture. The brand, which holds 53% of the chocolate chip cookie market share, tested more than 60 recipes in their pursuit of a superior cookie and totaled over 5,000 hours of cookie testing. (We know all about that process.) Here’s what to expect with their new recipe:

  • A richer cookie flavor featuring the right amount of chocolate chips

  • Specially blended chocolate chips with a higher cacao content and higher concentration of Madagascar vanilla extract, meaning a more well-rounded chocolate flavor and less bitterness

  • An improved mixing process that creates just the right texture

  • New packaging design

<p>Chips Ahoy!</p>

Chips Ahoy!

The new Chips Ahoy! cookie recipe will hit select store shelves in late March and will be available nationwide in April—just look for the specially marked packaging.

“Chips Ahoy! cookies have been beloved by generations…but in a category where taste is king and many chocolate chip cookies look the same, we wanted to challenge ourselves to step up our quality while staying true to what our fans already love,” said Sabrina Sierant, Chips Ahoy! Senior Director. “...We knew we could bring Chips Ahoy! fans an even higher quality cookie that maintains all the things they already loved, like just the right amount of chip to cookie ratio.”

<p>Chips Ahoy!</p>

Chips Ahoy!

To celebrate this “MMMproved” cookie recipe, Chips Ahoy! is teaming up with actress/producer Keke Palmer for a sweepstakes on social media where fans have a chance to win an all-expenses paid weekend stay at a luxury beach house in Malibu. To learn more, visit Chips Ahoy! on Instagram or Facebook.

Sign us up for a taste-test of these new and improved Chips Ahoy! cookies—we’d like to put ‘em up against Grandma’s go-to recipe.

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